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Neighbours spoilers: Shock as Mal Kennedy reveals new girlfriend is dad’s ex Izzy


Over the course of the last several weeks, Neighbours will feature a number of great returns, but no one will be ready for the drama Mal Kennedy (Benjamin McNair) is about to bring with him.

Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) are utterly astonished when Mal unexpectedly arrives from the UK. They can tell right away that something is wrong because of what he isn’t saying. He admits that he needs to tell them something, but it is unclear how they will react.

He reveals something that isn’t the secret, though. He is unsure about their capacity to deal with the shocking reality. However, Karl and Susan are familiar with their son, and they don’t mind digging when necessary. s

His riddle is solved in the ultimate plot twist of all plot twists when Izzie Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaite) shows up to meet her lover, Mal, at the location. She is in town to ensure that it is done, he promises her, and he is preparing to tell his parents that they are now together. So, yep, that’s Mal living with his sister’s mother, his former step-mom, the lady who briefly ended his parents’ marriage. Everything has started to seem a little strange.


Mal gets Izzy to pledge to keep quiet until he has an opportunity to tell his family this important news. However, he finds it challenging and mulls over the best course of action. Izzy is not one to follow instructions, so it only makes sense that she shows up in Erinsborough without first getting word from Mal that he has fulfilled his pledge.

She assumes Mal has already taken the hit when she shows up at the Kennedys’ door. Absolute pandemonium results because he hasn’t.

On Monday, July 11, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.

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