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Home and Away spoilers: Cash secret ‘exposed’, new Xander romance and surprise return


Next week, fans of Home and Away can anticipate even more drama.

When John finds out that Roo has abandoned the investigation into the anonymous donor, he is taken aback and becomes curious about the truth. Roo is then questioned by Marilyn as to why she keeps Cash’s identity a secret from John.

John is perplexed as to why Cash would leave without completing the task until Roo at last tells him the truth. John approaches Cash and asks to identify the anonymous donor.

Although Cash is still silent, John wants to re-freeze the money while he waits for more details. In defiance of Marilyn’s counsel, Roo and John approach Cash.


Concerned, Cash calls the unknown contributor. Dana steps in to assist Xander as he runs out of ideas for the next Salt event.

The two connect over Dana’s troubled past in relationships and Xander’s beautiful but unsuccessful date with Harper. Xander calls Dana a catch when she confesses that she believes she will be unmarried when she turns forty.

Later, while hiding his identity, Dana confides in Irene about her crush. Dana can’t help but smile with hope as her phone pings and she receives a text from Xander.

Later on, when they are together, Rose recognises their desire right away and confronts Dana right away, to which she is begged to remain silent.


After spending time with her family, Bree informs Remi that she is back home across the bay. After a week in the hospital, he discloses that he has only recently left.

Bree doesn’t understand why she wasn’t informed that Remi was let go. He apologises and acknowledges that he thought Bree should be with her family and not worry about him.

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