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Neighbours: Glen spies Paul flirting with Terese’s mother Estelle


Erinsbrough this week…

Monday: Hendrix is overjoyed to receive his transplant and wishes to express his gratitude to his donor. Despite Karl’s assurances, Hendrix locates the donor and pays him a visit in the hospital. When he’s apprehended by the donor’s grieving sister, he’s overcome with remorse, and his transplant is jeopardised.

Terese rips Estelle’s shirt off when she discovers her with Paul drinking. Terese agrees to let Estelle stay on the condition that she keeps away from Paul. She agrees, but it’s evident that both Estelle and Paul are hell-bent on using Terese to further their own agendas…

Tuesday: Hendrix takes in the awful news, distraught that he’s jeopardised his best chance of a transplant. Mackenzie, seeing the donor’s pain, tracks down the donor’s father and begs him to rethink… Will it, however, be sufficient?


Harlow discovers what Corey was keeping hidden from her from the cops: a video of Prue in an intimate scenario with a member of The Order. She is taken aback by the revelation and begins to see her mother in a new light.

Chloe breaks the female code by telling Levi that he needs to formalise his relationship with Freya. He’s perplexed, believing she’s not interested in him, but Chloe’s comments offer him the assurance he requires. Will Freya and Levi finally be able to be happy when he makes a major romantic gesture?

Wednesday: Terese’s relationship with her mother deteriorates more when Estelle flirts with recently discharged Glen – only to discover he’s Paul’s brother. Terese, who is unsure if she can put up with her mother, is taken aback when she learns about Paul’s new love interest…

Everyone unites to make Hendrix and Mackenzie’s hastily planned wedding a success. They pick their wedding party, and Hendrix quietly works to make Mackenzie’s fantasy wedding a reality. The two, stressed yet in love, look forward to their future together.


Terese is enraged to see her mother on a date with Paul, but Estelle claims she’s simply there to spy on him. Terese leads her to Josh’s plaque, where they have a moment of warmth, as she is unsure what to believe. Will the mother and daughter be able to agree?

Glen is suffering from back pain, but he declines Harlow’s offer to help him manage his addictive medication. Paul is thrown into a world of physical and emotional pain after a blast from him, and he returns to the pills. Will he be able to withstand their enticement?

Freya and Levi go on a romantic picnic, and things quickly turn from nice to hot. They end up having jiggy in the bushes since they have nowhere else to go… and their belongings are soon taken away. The mischievous adventure, on the other hand, pushes them closer together.

Friday: Nicolette is making Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding cake as a favour. Kiri realises that she puts her all into it. Kiri can’t help but feel herself becoming closer to Nicolette as she is enthralled by her love and compassion…


Glen is doing well on his meds, but a run-in with Kiri makes him reconsider his course. He goes to AA and asks Harlow to assist him with his medication management. He’s relieved to have a strategy in place, but will he be able to stick to it?

Paul, annoyed that he’s lost Estelle, tempts her with a beautiful jewellery. She tries to reject, but her greed overcomes her. She returns to the dark side and visits Paul after yet another quarrel with Terese.

Monday through Friday, 1.45 p.m. and 5.30 p.m., Neighbours

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