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Neighbours Spoilers – Harlow discovers Corey is tracking her


Harlow’s nightmare with strange group The Restoration Order is far from done, as she discovers Corey is tracking her phone on Neighbours in the UK.

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, June 6th, and in Australia on Tuesday, June 28th.

Harlow (Jemma Robinson) has been able to put thoughts of The Restoration Order – the bizarre cult of which Prue was a member – behind her in the years since her mother Prue’s (Denise Van Outen) death at the hands of Finn Kelly (Rob Mills).

Prue’s diary was given to her, and it gave her great solace as she worked through her loss. The diary offered her a better understanding of her mother’s life, and reading it helped her realise that they were more alike than she realised.


When she travelled to London earlier this year, she never anticipated the journal to draw her back into The Order’s orbit, but that’s exactly what occurred.

The cult had approached her aunt Harriet (Amanda Holden), offering her £10,000 if she could recover the journal and hand it over. Harriet consented because she had fallen on bad feet financially and asked Harlow to London to steal it.

Harlow met Corey (Laurence Boxhall), a cheerful coder who rapidly hooked onto her, while in the UK capital, and the two struck up a friendship.

Harlow told Corey about her aunt’s falsehoods, and Corey persuaded her to burn the diary, claiming that it was the only way to put an end to The Order’s interest with it. He was a member of the organisation in reality, and he was aware that the diary contained a secret USB stick, which he later recovered from the ashes.


He then followed Harlow to London, where he drugged her for weeks in order to indoctrinate her into the cult.

The Order saw Harlow as vulnerable, the ideal new member to lure into the organisation, due to her mother’s death and her family’s money.

Thankfully, Harlow found the truth just in time, and with the help of Freya (Phoebe Roberts), David (Takaya Honda), and Levi, he was able to flee (Richie Morris).

Levi (Richie Morris) disclosed to Harlow in this week’s episodes that the cops had broken into Corey’s laptop and discovered the truth that the USB had been harbouring.


Prue was seen on film with a man who the police have yet to name but who they believe is a member of The Order.

The video was “of a sexual nature,” and Levi added that the police believe Prue staged it because the man in the video appeared to be unaware that he was being filmed, while Prue glanced at the camera on several occasions.

Harlow was taken aback by the news and wondered why her mother would do such a thing. While she said she’d never understand why her mother taped that video, she said it demonstrated “just how much those people messed up her life” and how desperate she was to get away from them.

The mystery surrounding her mother’s membership with the organisation, as well as the obvious stress she was under, isn’t the only issue Harlow is concerned about.

While the cops apprehended Christabel (Syd Zeiger), Corey remains on the loose, and the cops have no leads. The next week, Harlow realises that Corey had not only drugged her, but had also installed spyware on her phone, allowing him to read her texts and track her whereabouts!

She’s enraged, but she sees an opportunity to take advantage of it. She intends to entice him in with a series of deceptive texts that will pique his interest and prompt him to come out of hiding, allowing the cops to apprehend him.


When she describes her idea to everyone around her, some are sceptical, but Harlow is serious about her plan – Corey had better be careful.

She runs her proposal by Levi and Sargent Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will) and receives their approval to put it into action.

Harlow starts her strategy the next day by sending the first of a series of deceptive texts in an attempt to lure Corey out of hiding.

She’s disappointed when she doesn’t get the response she expects, but Sargent Rodwell urges her not to let it control her life.

Harlow begins to feel compelled to make a major change after being forced to sit and ponder on where she is in life and all of the previous events… But what exactly is it?

Meanwhile, Corey is somewhere out there, and he’ll undoubtedly notice the deceptive message. Will he get caught in her web?

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