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Home and Away’s Ryder Jackson shares exit plans in 30 spoiler pictures


Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, June 6.

Tuesday, June 7th:

Martha has started a new wellness regimen. Roo is adamant on getting her healthy enough for the transplant.

Martha is eager to take on the challenge. Alf, on the other hand, does not appear to be convinced.

Marilyn is Alf’s confidante. He is concerned that Martha is overworking herself.


Alf keeps a careful eye on what’s going on. He doesn’t want Roo to go too far with Martha’s fitness routine.

Alf continues to keep a close eye on the situation. His concern grows when he returns home.

Marilyn, Martha, and Roo are all friends. Martha’s health must improve before she may have a kidney transplant.

Martha has a positive attitude. She believes she has a good chance of regaining her health.


Roo isn’t going to give up on her mother. Will the health kick, however, pay off?

Wednesday, June 8th:

Alf pays a visit to the garage. He’s still bothered by Martha’s condition.

Justin is Alf’s confidante. He is concerned that Roo will cause more harm than good.

Salt is hosting another poker night. Nathan persuaded Mac to put on another event.


Mac meets an unknown stranger. Nathan has brought along PK, a newcomer to the group.

PK has already raised suspicions. Felicity has a feeling there’s something wrong with him.

In front of Mac, PK is all charm. He envisions a means for them to stay in touch.

PK has made a suggestion. Next time, he offers a more exclusive poker night.

PK spells forth his conditions. He recommends a single table, ten players, and a $5,000 buy-in.

Mac is taken aback. However, given her current financial situation, the offer may be too good to pass up.


Tane has returned to the poker games. The stakes are really high.

Tane is hoping for the best. Will he strike it rich?

Rose has a big day ahead of her. She is assigned to the Yabbie Creek Police Department.

Cash is keeping a close eye on Rose. He wants Jasmine’s sister to make herself at home.

Things don’t start out well. Rose has a hard time dealing with the mundane reality of small-town policing.

Rose is at her desk. She’d rather be on patrol, though.

Thursday, June 9th:

Dean is the one who Ryder confides in. A new job on a cruise ship has been given to him.

Ryder is ecstatic about the prospect. He’d be working at the bar, but the ship features a casino where he may eventually transfer.

Dean discovers Ryder’s reservations. The job begins the next week, so there isn’t much time to prepare. Furthermore, the time is inconvenient because Martha is still ill.

Dean bolsters Ryder’s confidence. He believes Ryder should take advantage of the situation.

Theo is behaving admirably. He does an excellent job in the garage.

Theo is being extremely accommodating. Justin is taken aback.

Justin and Ziggy talk about what’s going on. What’s the matter with Theo?

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