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Neighbours’ Kyle Canning and Roxy Willis to receive heartbreaking news ahead of show exits


In upcoming UK episodes of Neighbours, Roxy Willis and Kyle Canning are left devastated.

The pair has been trying to start a family, but have faced serious obstacles, which could lead to their departure from Ramsay Street, with the final scenes starring Zima Anderson and Chris Milligan airing in the UK in mid-April.

Roxy is very excited about being pregnant in upcoming scenes, which worries her husband.

Roxy throws a celebration for the pregnancy test result after completing the IVF procedure and inviting various Ramsay Street residents, including Ned, Amy, Terese, Mackenzie, and Hendrix.


Kyle, however, is anxious because they are unsure whether the test will be positive or negative, and informs everyone that the party will be cancelled.

Roxy is enraged when she learns that Kyle has cancelled the gathering.

Roxy starts to share Kyle’s worries and gets a pregnancy test. She and Kyle are awaiting the outcome.

It’s bad news, but things are just going to get worse.


They subsequently find that there was a major accident at the clinic that destroyed all of Kyle’s sperm. Roxy and Kyle are heartbroken that their dreams of having a biological child have been dashed.

Terese proposes Roxy and Kyle seek recompense for what has occurred, but Kyle’s primary concern is Roxy’s well-being.

Following this, Roxy calls her mother and offers to Kyle a potentially life-changing decision.

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