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Neighbours Spoilers – David in danger as he’s sent to prison


David’s loved ones are stunned when he is sentenced to a maximum-security jail and quickly finds himself out of his depth – is there anything they can do to help?

These scenes will premiere in the United Kingdom on Monday, June 27th, and in Australia on Monday, July 11th.

Over the next few weeks, things are going to spiral out of hand for poor David Tanaka (Takaya Honda), after an emergency at sea results in the disgraced doctor’s freedom being taken away.

It all starts later this week, when Aaron (Matt Wilson) decides to take his husband on a romantic getaway as a means to clear his mind and give the family one last vacation before David’s sentencing.


If you recall, David is facing allegations of medical manslaughter after leaving Gareth Bareth (Jack Pearson) to die at River Bend.

Gareth, Freya’s (Phobe Roberts) ex-boyfriend, suffered significant injuries after flying through the window of the van he was driving shortly after attacking Aaron and leaving him for dead.

Initially, David attempted to intubate Gareth, which would have kept him alive long enough for him to be transported to the hospital.

When Freya revealed that Aaron had been attacked by Gareth, David decided to throw the OPA (oropharyngeal airway) into the bush and let him die.


For several weeks, he and Freya kept the secret until David was blackmailed by Paul’s shady doctor Oscar (Adam Rowland). Both were detained after they eventually decided to confess.

Now, as the sentence date approaches, Aaron and David embark on what may be their final vacation together for a long time. For the final day, Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes), their daughter Isla’s co-parent, joins them, and the three of them charter a boat together.

Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst when they run out of fuel and become stranded at sea. David has a bail check-in coming up, and if they don’t get back to Erinsborough soon, he’ll be late.

Nicolette eventually locates some fuel, and they are able to return to shore… However, because David is late for his check-in, he is labelled a flight risk.


He’s taken in for questioning by Detective Andrew Rodwell (Lloyd Will), who says that he’ll have to be placed in remand until his sentencing.

Things are about to get a lot worse next week.

Not only has David lost his liberty, but he’ll be held in a maximum-security jail for the next few weeks rather than remand!

He’s understandably afraid; he wasn’t expecting this, and it all happened so quickly. Paul, who has more experience in this area, points out that in order to survive, he’ll have to adapt.

When David encounters a fellow convict, though, he is given a terrifying warning… He appears to be swiftly becoming a target.

Is David up to the task?


David’s family in Erinsborough is terrified for his safety and is determined to get him out of the maximum-security prison.

Paul discovers that his old rival Holden is imprisoned at the same facility, and bribes him to guard David.

Regular viewers will recall that Paul bribed Holden last year to lie about Brent Colefax (Texas Watterston), making him pretend that Brent was the mastermind for their intentions to steal Year 13 equipment, despite the fact that it would hurt his granddaughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan).

Holden was instructed by Paul that if he didn’t tell the cops that Brent was the mastermind behind the gang’s operations, there would be “bigger consequences.” Paul planned to set aside a considerable sum of money as a prize, which he would give to Holden when he was released from prison.

However, it appears that Paul’s actions are insufficient this time.

The next day, it is revealed that something terrible has occurred in the prison. Everyone is shocked to learn about David’s fate… Despite Paul’s best attempts, it appears that they were unable to protect him.

Despair comes in as his loved ones realise they are powerless to help him. That is, until Freya is approached by Gareth’s ex-girlfriend Emma (Jessica Clarke), who offers to safeguard David…

What will they have to do to secure David’s confinement?

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