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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou reveals her favourite Logies moment – and why she thinks the awards show won’t ever be the same again


She is well recognised for her two-decade role as Leah Patterson on Channel Seven’s Home and Away.

Ada Nicodemou confessed on Sunday that she still gets enthusiastic after attending the Logie Awards many times.

‘I’m beyond ecstatic.’ I’m a huge fan of the Logies. ‘I think I’ve been to maybe 20 to 30,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Ray Meagher winning Gold (in 2010) and also seeing Bert Newton on stage,’ she remarked when asked about her favourite moment.


‘It’s a shame Bert isn’t here this year because he’s the Logies, but I’ve always enjoyed seeing him on stage.’

Bert was a quadruple Gold Logie award-winning entertainer who presented the show 19 times and died in October at the age of 81 after a health battle.

Patti presented Hamish Blake of Channel Nine’s Lego Masters with the Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter for the first time.

Lauren, Bert’s daughter, who was also at the Logies on Sunday, gave her mother Patti a silver ‘Bert’ necklace to wear on the night, and she wore one of Bert’s cummerbunds over her gown.


During a Mother’s Day concert in May, Patti paid a heartfelt homage to her late husband.

She performed a trio of Bert-themed songs with the Australian Pops Orchestra at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall.

As Patti sang a heartfelt tribute to the late TV star Bert, photos of the late TV legend Bert were shown above the stage.

One of the songs was a one-of-a-kind piece named For Bert.


She also performed a moving rendition of Unforgettable, which, according to sources, left no one in the audience dry-eyed.

Bert died in November, and Patti, who had been married to him for 47 years, lay him to rest.

Bert’s leg was amputated last year after a toe infection caused a slew of other issues.

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