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Neighbours script producer reveals ‘beautiful’ moment cut from finale that has fans crying all over again


A “wonderful” scene from the Neighbours finale that wasn’t included in the final cut has been revealed by the script producer. And we can only cry so much over a soap opera’s conclusion.

Millions of people watched the poignant final episode, which aired on Channel 5 in the UK last night, in which Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) were wed in a joyous ceremony.

But after his father exchanged vows, Callum (Morgan Baker) and his new stepmother Melanie had a particular encounter that fans were unable to witness.

The Australian show’s script producer, Shane Isheev, published a screenshot of some deleted lines and claimed it was their “favourite moment to write.”


We regrettably did not get to hear Callum’s lovely speech because it had to be cut short for time. As always, @CowdenLucinda was great. Shane continued.

Melanie is rendered “speechless” after being given a crystal pig ornament by her new stepson in the lovely scene that wasn’t seen in the finale.

Do you enjoy it? Callum remarks, “Dad mentioned you were into pigs.

“Callum, that’s just right,” Callum adds, “It’s my way of welcoming you into the family,” in response to Melanie.


Callum continues by saying that following his mother’s passing, he “worried a lot about Dad and the kids.”

Particularly being so far away, he adds. But I recently realised that all of my fretting has stopped. It is due to your presence. We appreciate you reuniting our family.

After wiping away her tears and stating, “I thought you said no more mushy stuff,” Melanie gives the man a hug.

What a wonderful sequence, tweeted one Neighbours fan in appreciation for Shane providing the “uncut” version of the scene.


Someone else remarked, “Not sure I could have dealt with that, I’m already a mess and it’s only lunchtime,” and another posted, “Just stopped weeping.” I’m crying again right now.

The Neighbours actor Lucinda posted a series of behind-the-scenes images after the episode’s release: “The conclusion had poignant and wonderfully executed sentiments throughout… I am so happy to have contributed to this programme, and I will miss playing Melanie SO MUCH!

I want to express my gratitude to @ShaneIsheev and @jason_herbison for bringing her home and providing me with the happiest of happy endings.

Actor Morgan, who plays Callum, reposted the script passage that was eliminated, writing: “Thank goodness, “Dad Said you were into pigs.” made the final cut, which we can all agree actually gives a comparable sentiment.”

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