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Seven reasons why Home and Away will always be better than Neighbours anyway


Neighbours, which debuted on March 18th, 1985, was immediately targeted at younger TV viewers in Australia and the UK.

This group had never before been specifically targeted and drawn into the small-town lives of Australian towns. In actuality, that was the first time we had even a slight taste of life in Australia.

On the other hand, Up Over, Home and Away and Neighbours have endured.

With a peak of nearly three million UK viewers, yesterday’s final episode of Neighbours aired. The 90-minute extended special, which featured Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, and Guy Pearce again, signalled the conclusion of 37 years.


However, not everyone was ecstatic about the overwhelming success.

The 1995 debut of actress Nicola Charles as Karl Kennedy’s sultry mistress Sarah Beaumont on Neighbours catapulted her to popularity, but she wasn’t welcomed back. She criticised the finale this past weekend, saying that there was “no attempt to round off storylines or drag even drama school level performances from the “actors”

But growing up, in my neighbourhood, you were either a fan of Neighbours or of Home and Away, whether you liked it or not. Here’s why, in my opinion, the Ramsey Street residents will never top Home and Away.

Theme music

It is unquestionably famous. I will pass away on this mountain as well. Mike Perjanik created the Home and Away theme song, “You and I belong together,” and it is just as infectious today as it was when the Australian soap opera was at its height (aka the 90s)


Superior location

In contrast to Neighbours, which was set in only a cul-de-sac, Home And Away was definitely a more exotic and sunny soap when it premiered in January 1988. It also had a stronger younger audience focus.


We were also introduced to the sport of surfing by it. rude mate.


On occasion, Home and Away did serious tales without fear, such as the rape of Carly Morris. Murder, gang warfare, automobile accidents, gambling, and a classic shrimp on the Barbie? In Summer Bay, you may have all of these things and more, while also finding time for a conversation with Irene over breakfast.



Australian viewers have always favoured Home & Away, which films its outside sequences in Sydney’s Palm Beach. Neighbours has reportedly drawn in approximately 1 million viewers a day in the UK, compared to Home & Away’s 400,000.

Refrigerator ghosts

I recall the day, the time, and the EXACT MOMENT when Bobby’s ghost appeared in the refrigerator. Yes, the spirit of a refrigerator. Along with Shane’s terrible death from a rusty nail, it was one of the most memorable scenes. Simply put, this kind of TV isn’t produced anymore.



For a good reason, Alf Steward has been a cast member on Home and Away the longest. Don Flathead Fisher, Marilyn, Pippa, Sally, and Irene round up the group.

Do you remember ANGEL? To look like her, I applied eyeliner. For YEARS, I wore those plaits.


Home & Away and Neighbours are two of the biggest Australian soap operas. Both of these cultural exports helped some of the biggest artists launch their careers.


However. There has just been one left after three decades. Live long, Summer Bay!

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