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Neighbours star Annie Jones breaks silence on Jane and Mike’s new scenes


This year, Neighbours shocked viewers by announcing that Hollywood star Guy Pearce has committed to shooting new episodes for the revival season, reprising his role as Mike Young.

The creative staff had a challenge when Neighbours was revived by Amazon Freevee as a result of Mike’s return to Ramsay Street and reconciliation with Jane Harris in the show’s touching closing episode last year.

Fans can now anticipate seeing Jane and Mike on-screen together again in the next season, as seen in a recently released trailer, although the precise nature of their connection is still being kept a well guarded secret.

Jane’s actor, Annie Jones, recently spoke with Digital Spy and other media outlets to provide some previews of what’s to come.


How did it feel to return to the set and resume filming?

Simply wonderful. For all of us, it was like a dream come true. We appear to have never left. However, there has been a significant update. We have a large number of new crew members because the elderly crew members have mostly either retired or gone on to other programmes. Many of the same actors and characters are back, along with a tonne of new ones.

Did you have to give it much thought when you were asked to come back?

“Not really, no. For myself, my fellow performers, and the rest of the cast and crew, as well as the viewers, I was ecstatic to learn that the programme will return. I am aware of how much it means to many of our supporters, particularly in the UK. Just how adored the performance is became glaringly apparent while we were over there performing on the Celebration Tour. I’m ecstatic to be back.”


How was it to interact so directly with the fans while on the Tour?

Since we had a four-hour meet and greet before each show, they frequently made us cry. We heard from real people about how much the show meant to them and how heartbroken they were when it ended. We also heard about the generational differences. Grandma was frequently the first spectator, followed by at least three generations and counting.

How will things be going for Jane when the show comes back?

“It has to do with Jane and her continued friendship with Sam and Mike. Since they are all sharing Number 24 together, Jane is ecstatic. It’s all happy families now that she has her partner and a new stepchild.


“The house is looking a little bit different; I believe the furniture has changed and the cupboards have undergone some changes. She opted for a more “country cottage” appearance. Additionally, Mrs. Mangel’s artwork naturally follows Jane everywhere she goes.

Did you discuss the future of Jane and Mike’s relationship with Guy Pearce when you learned that Neighbours would be returning?

We did have a brief conversation. We just proposed a few hypotheses and scenarios for what might have occurred. After discussing those with the writers and producers, we found a solution.

Guy didn’t want to simply go following his comeback in the finale, did he?

“Absolutely. He is such a lovely person. He wants to uphold his obligation to Mike and to the many viewers who seemed to adore the Mike and Jane story in the previous programme.

Before we embarked on the Celebration Tour, I had already filmed some material with Guy. It was in a covert location in the UK. We shot for a number of days.


Will that be the resumption’s first few episodes?

“You’ll get a chance to see!”

Can you give us a sneak peek at how it will end?

“Well, Mike and Jane are dating. Mike has assimilated with the community. He and Karl frequently jam together and are excellent friends. They sound quite similar to the Ramsay Street Band. He thus genuinely enjoys residing there.

“I predict that the supporters will be overjoyed. What occurs, in my opinion, is really fulfilling. You guys are going to be thrilled, at least I think so.

What do you think of Xavier Molyneux playing Byron, Jane’s son?

“He’s awesome. He’s not just stunningly attractive; he’s also very intelligent and motivated to do good. So a person who is eager to learn is what you need.

The last time we saw Byron and Jane together, things were difficult because of his escorting, but they now have a great relationship, and Byron lives in a shared house across the street. Jane is delighted by that.

After their recent difficulties, how is their friendship between Jane and Paul?

“Jane and Paul will get along well when we return. Mike is nearby as well, so that serves as a great buffer, and they get along well. Of course there will be drama always.

What did you do when the show ended and you weren’t aware of the revival?

Well, my husband and I recently purchased a vintage home in the country. We intended to restore it, raise vegetables, and somewhat semi-retire. However, I’m back at work now, which is great.

How do you feel about more countries being able to see the show now that it is available on a streaming service?

It’s really thrilling! We’ll air in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. It’s amazing. I hope they also enjoy the show. It would be fantastic.

But the show is still the same. We hope that the American audience will feel the same way as we didn’t adjust it to cater to the UK public since they liked us for who we are. It is a tiny portion of Australia. I’m not sure, maybe it’s novel to them.

Do you have any more people you’d like to invite back?

Any of the older characters from the show’s earlier seasons would be entertaining. The coolest thing right now is being on Amazon Freevee and having access to all of those old episodes. Old characters can be revived since people are familiar with them; this isn’t just a memory effect; you can watch old episodes and then see old characters in new ones as well. We can accomplish that, and that’s exciting.

Is there anything else you’d like to hint at about Jane’s future?

“Well, Jane is currently quite connected with the school. Aside from her beloved Mike, that is her current main passion. She is totally committed to making the school the best it can be. So, let’s say, there are some ups and downs with the school.

This year is New Year’s, and it’s thrilling because we celebrate it on television. There are many positive things in store.

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