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Neighbours’ Mackenzie Hargreaves to hide her grief for Hendrix Greyson


Mackenzie Hargreaves of Neighbours misses out on the help she needs next week because she covers how much she’s struggling in the aftermath of Hendrix Greyson’s death.

Mackenzie was recently left heartbroken when her husband, Hendrix, died unexpectedly just days after their beautiful wedding ceremony.

Everyone is shocked by how well Mackenzie appears to be handling her bereavement in next week’s shows on Channel 5.

Mackenzie gratefully takes a letter from her next-door neighbour Sadie Rodwell, who holds herself responsible for Jimi Hendrix’s death.


The Erinsborough High fire, which aggravated Hendrix’s pre-existing health difficulties, was started by Sadie and her friend Aubrey Laing.

Mackenzie also focuses her energies on assisting individuals in her immediate vicinity who are grieving Hendrix’s death.

Mackenzie, on the other hand, when she is alone, quietly burns Sadie’s letter and lets her pain out. It’s obvious that she isn’t coping as well as everyone believes.

Mackenzie visits a mourning group later in the week and gets a glimpse into the anguish that other Erinsborough residents are still experiencing in the aftermath of Hendrix’s death.


This is a heavy burden for Mackenzie, but when she talks about how she’s dealing with it, her father Grant is amazed by her strength.

Can this delicate scenario truly persist much longer if Mackenzie continues to suppress her own pain?

Georgie Stone, who portrays Mackenzie on Neighbours, recently spoke with Digital Spy about how her character’s sorrow plotline will play out in the show’s final weeks.

“I’m really protective of Mackenzie,” she said. I care about her and want her to be safe.


“I believe that when we tell tales about grief, we need to acknowledge and demonstrate to people that there is hope and that life does not cease with this loss.”

“I believe it would be a disservice to this lovely trans character, who has meant so much to so many people, if she ended up in such a terrible, devastating place.”

“We have to service the tale,” Georgie added, “and we can’t wash her sadness under the rug.” I didn’t want that to happen, so I made sure it didn’t.

“However, we must be careful not to depress our viewers too much. Also, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could take it — I was fatigued from all of the emotional narratives and wasn’t sure how much longer I could take it! There has to be a ray of hope.”

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