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Neighbours lines up terrible danger for David Tanaka in prison storyline


David Tanaka’s safety will be jeopardised after he is sentenced to prison, according to Neighbours.

After allowing Gareth Bateman to die earlier this year, David is currently awaiting trial on a charge of medical manslaughter.

While it was originally planned that David would enjoy his freedom prior to his court appearances, the situation will change in the coming episodes due to an unfortunate event.

After becoming trapped at sea while on vacation with his husband Aaron, David misses his scheduled bail check-in.


After determining that David could be a flight risk, the authorities demand that he be held in custody until the trial begins.

A second update in next week’s episodes makes things considerably worse for David.

David’s family had expected him to be put in a detention centre. Instead, David is informed that he will be held in a high-security jail until his sentencing.

The Erinsborough doctor is afraid in prison and worries how he will survive, while his father, Paul Robinson, begs him to adapt in order to survive.


When David meets a fellow convict and receives a threat to his safety, the worst happens.

David’s loved ones battle to get him out of the maximum security jail back on the street.

Paul learns that one of his old enemies, gang leader Holden Brice, is imprisoned nearby and bribes him to guard David.

The unscrupulous businessman is hopeful that this scheme would succeed, but he receives devastating news about what has happened to David in prison later.


Despite the fact that everyone is outraged by the newest news, David’s supporters become despondent as they realise they can’t help him.

Gareth’s grieving girlfriend Emma approaches Freya Wozniak with an enticing promise to assure David’s safety in prison, just as they’re about to give up hope.

Will Freya be able to accept it?

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