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Neighbours spoilers: Sly Estelle blackmails Glen


Estelle Petrides (Maria Mercedes) from Neighbours is a jerk who can’t seem to quit exposing how wrong she is. She’s previously made daughter Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) rip her hair out over her treatment of her ex-husband Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) and her numerous lies, but now she’s reached a new low.

Terese is a good woman who can’t help but feel guilty about abandoning her mother. She is aware that Estelle has no name and feels compelled to assist her. Estelle, on the other hand, isn’t simply a tough cookie; she’s also a cunning one. Terese is completely unaware that she is completely free.

Estelle is still in town, and when Glen Donnelly (Richard Huggett) learns of her predicament, he feels compelled to offer her a place to stay at the vineyard. She gladly accepts, expecting that it will allow her to reclaim her place in Terese’s good graces, which she will do anything to regain.

And before she knows it, she’s caught up in her web and has her first opportunity to scheme. She takes advantage of his drug secret and uses it to blackmail him into giving her another opportunity with Terese. It works, and the mother and daughter begin to mend fences, though Terese has no idea it’s all based on falsehoods. Even yet, Estelle can’t help but play games with the issue.


Glen is frightened that his secret will be uncovered; would he take matters into his own hands to save face?

Terese learns the tragic truth about Glen and Estelle’s betrayal before he can. Terese, at the end of her rope, presents her mother the final ultimatum: choose between money and her daughter. Is there any doubt about what this schemer will choose?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, June 6th.

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