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Home and Away death confirmed after kidnap storyline


Next week, the latest murder mystery from Home and Away will air in the United Kingdom.

Summer Bay residents will be stunned in upcoming programmes on Channel 5 when PK’s body is discovered on the beach.

After his callous maltreatment of Mackenzie Booth, sleazy PK will become a hate figure in the Bay over the next several days, as UK viewers will see.

Dean Thompson, Mackenzie’s brother, tries to intervene by demanding PK to repay the $50,000 he owes her.


Dean warns PK that if he doesn’t cooperate, he’ll have to enlist the help of some terrifying allies.

Dean is referring to his time with the River Boys, but PK dismisses this, claiming that he has far more dangerous relationships.

Dean receives an unsolicited package containing a photograph of his infant son Jai shortly after.

“Like I said, this isn’t over,” says a threatening statement on the reverse of the photo, clearly written by PK.


Dean is concerned that Jai is now in danger, so he approaches the youngster’s mother, Amber, and asks her to keep a careful eye on him until further notice.

When PK sees Dean again, he makes a veiled reference to his threat by remarking on Jai’s trustworthiness.

Dean believes it’s time to make good on his threats, so he joins forces with the River Boys to kidnap PK. In the boot of a car, the vicious poker player is chained and gagged.

Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson discover a body in the sand dunes later that week while wandering along the beach.


While the body is being examined, a police squad led by Rose Delaney cordons off the area.

A wallet is discovered in the deceased’s clothing, confirming that he or she is PK. Has one of Summer Bay’s residents exacted vengeance on him?

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