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Neighbours Libby Kennedy actress life now after health problems


Kym Valentine, actress of Neighbours, made her television debut as Libby Kennedy in 1994.

She has acted in numerous well-known storylines on Neighbours that have stunned viewers. In addition to surviving a terrible bike accident, she also narrowly avoided giving birth in a barn and sadly lost her husband in a riding accident.

Before departing the show in 2004, Kym had been a part of it since 1994, when she first appeared as Libby Kennedy. She first appeared as Baby in the title role of the renowned theatrical production of Dirty Dancing at the Theatre Royal in Sydney, Australia, in 2005. She later portrayed the part again from 2007 to 2011, and for the final time in 2014, according to Mirror.

Kym’s life has experienced many highs and lows since leaving the show; she has struggled with a variety of grave medical conditions. In 2008, Kym contracted pneumonia while performing the role of Libby, and in 2009, one of her lungs gave out as she was flying from the US to Melbourne, Australia.


In 2010, the celebrity received the devastating news that she had a blood clot on her lung and was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment. Executive producer Susan Bower stated to The Telegraph about her rehabilitation at the time: “Unfortunately, it is that time of year when people are susceptible to illness. We hope Kym a quick recovery and anticipate seeing her when we resume production the following week.

Kym checked herself into a clinic for tiredness that same year, but sadly, her health was still hampered by disease. She did, however, return to Neighbours by 2011, but she took an indefinite break after just a few months of filming. When Kym returned to her role as Libby in Neighbours in 2014, it was evident she was doing better. However, her return was brief—two weeks later, she left once more.

Home life
Kym has a daughter named Millana Valentine-Tolli while she was married to musician Fabio Tolli. But as the couple announced their separation in 2007, their marriage did not withstand the test of time.

The Neighbours actress was said to have been dating actor Vince Colosimo the following year. At the time, there were rumours that Kym had broken up with Vince because of another Neighbours actress, Jane Hall. Kym refuted this claim and said in October of that year that she was just friends with Vince.


Seven years later, Kym had rediscovered love and was in a committed relationship with AFL star Trent Croad. Phoenix, their son, was born in March 2016, but sadly, they divorced in December 2017.

future career
Outside of her Neighbours persona, Kym has had a variety of endeavours. She has appeared in a couple short films in addition to playing Baby in the Sydney Theatre Royal version of Dirty Dancing.

The Choir Girl is one of the movies the actress appears in. She has also produced for an upcoming movie called Residence because she is desperate to be on the other side of the camera.

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