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EastEnders spoilers for next week: Cindy Beale’s explosive return and Peter’s discovery


Next week, a Walford veteran makes his long-awaited comeback in one of the biggest sequences to appear on EastEnders this year, according to the BBC soap opera.

After 25 years away, Cindy Beale makes her dramatic return to Albert Square, surprising the locals who thought she had passed away in 1998. What viewers now know is that before she married George Knight and had two daughters with him, leaving the Beales behind, she entered witness protection.

Cindy, as Rose Knight, abandoned George and his girls in 2014, and they are currently living in Walford. Cindy must confront the locals, the Beales she left behind, and her hidden second family, the Knights, as she makes her return. The following are the events you won’t want to miss on EastEnders next week.

To Walford, Cindy Beale returns.
Next week, when Cindy Beale returns to Walford and encounters her hidden daughters as her past is made public, violent scenes on EastEnders are expected. In the following scenes, Cindy meets with her son Peter, who receives a call from Ian pleading with him to send his mother back to France. Cindy, however, goes to Albert Square in search of Kathy when he turns his back. Cindy must avoid people she knew years ago if she wants to remain anonymous.


Later, after trying the café without success, Cindy decides to face the music and soon after, all hell breaks free between the women. However, when Ian shows up in a desperate attempt to free Cindy, things only get worse. George, who has just left The Vic, stops Cindy in her tracks.

Peter’s finding

In the midst of Cindy’s return to Albert Square and the revelation of his father Ian Beale’s true motivations, Peter Beale makes a discovery. After being furious about something, Ian seeks refuge at the laundrette.

Peter goes to his father’s side and quickly understands why his father really didn’t want Cindy to go back to Albert Square. Will Peter be astonished, and if so, what could it be? Peter goes to The Vic to celebrate Anna’s birthday over his father’s objections, but Ian soon shows up looking for Cindy, and he soon runs into Sharon and Phil, who are astonished to see him because the impact from Cindy and Ian’s return has rocked Walford.


Cindy Jr. is back?

Another significant return to the BBC soap opera EastEnders may appear soon. While viewers are anticipating Cindy would make a comeback, Cindy Jr., who was last referenced on the show in 2021 before her mother rose from the grave, has been teased for a return.

Actress Michelle Collins, who plays Cindy Snr, has now been asked if she is aware of her on-screen daughter’s potential reappearance. When asked if Cindy Jr. will return to the screen, Michelle indicated it was “possible”. I don’t know, she teased. Although I can’t really tell you anything about her, I do know that she is still alive. About all I know is that. But who knows, maybe.”

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