Saturday, July 20, 2024

“Look, I was surprised”: Jason Donovan on Neighbours revival


Following his cameo with Kylie Minogue in the previous season’s final episode of Neighbours, Jason Donovan has now commented on the show’s return.

If “the dirty” had been done to him, he said when asked on Virgin Radio, “I suppose you can look at it two ways. You could consider it that way. Alternately, you may consider how we stirred up such a storm that there was only one course for it to take: Amazon’s Mr. Bezos, or is that his name, and public pressure forced the company to submit. Bring it back, and submit to The Bezos.”

“Look, I was surprised,” he said. I won’t be lying to you. It seems to have happened quite quickly! However, speed is good.

Recently, Kylie Minogue admitted she was a little “miffed” by the unexpected resurgence.


“Yeah, ‘happy’ is probably not the emotion,” she fessed up. “You know,’miffed’ might have been the phrase.

However, I am aware that the producer had stated that it wasn’t [certain]. They were clueless. Therefore, the final episode’s depiction of love and affection was accurate.

I’m delighted for them now, and I’m curious to see how [Neighbours] will develop, Kylie continued.

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