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Neighbours’ Jemma Donovan reveals all on ‘fiery’ Hollyoaks newcomer Rayne as she joins Channel 4 soap: ‘It’s exciting!’


When newbie Rayne makes her dramatic entrance, Hollyoaks won’t know what hit it!

The newcomer, who is portrayed by Jemma Donovan of Neighbours, is an outgoing party girl who attracts attention everywhere she goes as a result of her fame as a social media sensation.

In the next weeks, Rayne will move to the village that bears her name with her childhood best buddy. Needless to say, they don’t spend any time getting into mischief and annoying some of the younger members of the show.

We already sort of adore her.


According to actress Jemma Donovan, whose character is “fun, fiery, and ambitious,” Rayne is a social media influencer.

She’ll make you laugh, too.

Jemma is most known to viewers for her three-year stint as Harlow Robinson on the Australian serial opera Neighbours, which ended prematurely in July.

The show’s viewers favoured Harlow, but Jemma cautioned that Rayne is “quite different” from her Ramsay Street counterpart. Harlow was a fan favourite.


It will be interesting to see how it will turn out because I’m launching a brand-new persona called Rayne into the social media sphere, she said.

I’m eager to bring Rayne’s character to life because I love doing that with other characters.

Think of us as curious!

Rayne will make her Hollyoaks television debut in the upcoming weeks, and Jemma has already had a blast filming on the Channel 4 soap opera set.


She informed us, “[My first day] was amazing.” Even excellent than I had anticipated. I immediately felt at home there because everyone is so friendly and accepting, and I’m actually really excited to start working there.

I’ve heard it gets quite a bit colder in Liverpool, but it’s still great to be able to relocate again to a new place!

Jemma also expressed her “thrill” at joining Hollyoaks. She said, “I adore the work they do and I can’t wait to jump into a new role.”

Particularly on a network like Hollyoaks! It seems absurd for me to be a member of the family and to see myself on Channel 4 since I saw it as a child.

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