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Home and Away Rose star’s glam snaps – bikini, plunging top and little black dress


Star of the Australian serial opera Home and Away Kirsty Marillier made her debut there back in May.

The curly-haired beauty who portrays Rose Delany, a female police officer, on the show is equally stunning off-screen as she is on it.

Kirsty not only lights up our TVs but also our Instagram feed with her beautiful photos taken outside of work in her daily life.

The Daily Star has looked at some of Kirsty’s sexiest photos ever, from a chic pantsuit to a gorgeous bikini picture.


Bombshell in a bikini

When Kirsty shared this stunning photo on Instagram, she turned up the heat.

While on vacation in Vietnam, she captured the astounding image.

She captioned the photo, making a hilarious joke about her pale skin, “Not truly sunburnt just incredibly happy under a purple umbrella in Hoi An.”


As soon as the attractive soap star was mentioned, fans praised her in the comments section.

“Love the purple,” one person wrote.

While another wrote, “Well deserved vacation.”

Dark-colored dress


Nothing is more elegant than a little black dress, and Kirsty looked stunning in hers.

Tom, the film director who lives on Gadigal land, took this stunning photo, which she published.

The Greenhouse, an award-winning Australian feature film written and directed by Thomas Wilson-White, stars Kirsty.

In time for Mardi Gras 2022, the movie has just been added to Netflix. It has won awards at various international film festivals.

The film, which is primarily autobiographical, follows Wilson-White through his teenage years, stressing his experience of growing up with two mothers in a rural area of Australia and the family and circumstances that shaped him into the person he is now.

Bright colours


While visiting Walyalup Kannajil in Western Australia, Kirsty snapped this photo.

She had her gorgeous locks styled by her shoulders and looked great in the orange shirt.

“I adore it here,” she wrote as the picture’s caption.

Fans’ compliments for the on-screen police officer flooded the comments area.

“Your my favourite actor in home and away,” one commenter commented.

Beautiful photo @kirstymarillier, according to another You are gorgeous.

Elegant suit

In her grey suit, Kirsty looked stunning as she posed for pictures.

She took a lovely photo in front of the mirror while wearing a pinstriped shirt to match the grey two-piece.

She went for a professional appearance, yet she still opted to glitz up her innate beauty.

She said in the caption of the lovely photo, “She’s serving you hot corporate chic this month.”

humorous mirror selfie

Mirror selfies are nothing new for the South African-born celebrity.

She appeared to be getting ready for one of her many jobs in this photo.

Fans could glimpse the star’s variety of beauty products as she wore her distinctive vest top.

She had a glam look and appeared to have just completed applying cosmetics.

Pose in a manner

In Perth, Kirsty captured this wonderful image. She was dressed stylishly in a black bodysuit and green pants.

“Got ready with my Aunty & did a photo session,” she wrote as the caption for the shot. I was hesitant, but my co-star advised me to take a chance. A mood in Perth is a satisfying birthday weekend.

She swept her hair over her shoulder and gazed into the camera, her hair looking lovely. She picked out another another gorgeous makeup look, never disappointing us.

looking joyful

When Kirsty finally relocated to Australia, this gorgeous photo was shot.

She captioned the photo, “Finally relocated to syd mixtape,” and appeared to be very pleased about it.

The following image displayed her Spotify page, where she was searching for Shane Cross’s song Circular Quayside.

It was lovely to see Kirsty smiling so broadly; perhaps this was because she was about to make her Home and Away debut.

diving top

Kirsty, who played Rose, looked great in this Matrix ensemble.

She had three buns in her hair and was dressed in a black leather jacket.

She wrote “entering the matrix wbu? #1999” as the caption for the hot photo.

Fans flocked to the comment section to praise Kirsty after she stunned in the revealing shirt.

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