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Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn reveals her dark secret to Leah


The UK’s Home and Away will have Marilyn disclosing a sinister childhood secret the next week. As we travel back 27 years to the events of 1995, we consider how well Marilyn’s prior past fits with the most recent developments in the story.

Marilyn (Emily Symons) starts to suspect that Heather Frazer (Sofia Nolan), the mysterious newcomer, is actually her daughter after this week’s shocking revelation that she is ostensibly the daughter of Marilyn (Emily Symons). As a result, Marilyn tells Leah (Ada Nicodemou) a secret that she has kept hidden for over 27 years.

When Heather initially arrived at the bay, she told Roo that she had formerly been a housekeeper and had become pregnant while working for another person.

Heather stated that she wanted to study law so that she could assist mothers who have lost custody of their children after being forced to give the baby up to her boss and his wife.


But when Roo informed Marilyn about Heather’s tale, it was obvious that it struck a nerve since the tale sounded all too familiar.

The very following day, Marilyn discovered an envelope with a newborn photo inside and the words “Guess Who?” scrawled on the back on her porch. The envelope was addressed to her.

Marilyn questioned Heather about the tale she’d told Roo and the baby picture right away. Heather gave her little explanations and informed her bluntly that she would have to figure it out on her own.

We later learned that Heather’s birth mother was named as Marilyn Chambers when we watched her open a box of mementos with her birth certificate.


Roo and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) had made the decision to stage an intervention on Marilyn’s targeting of Heather in the interim. In an effort to establish that it is truly the other way around, Marilyn tried to show them the photo, but she discovered that it had vanished from her handbag.

As everyone starts to worry that Marilyn’s mental health is deteriorating once more in the episodes airing next week, Heather takes great pleasure in tormenting Marilyn. Marilyn has been taking medication ever since the chemical attack at the surf club caused her to experience neurological problems.


Heather had pretended to apologise to Marilyn in front of Roo after learning about her medical problem from Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), and this week she tells her patronisingly that she is welcome to talk to her about her mental health at any time.


When Marilyn inquires as to how Heather ever learned of it, Heather gestures in the direction of Roo, leading a paranoid Marilyn to think that Roo has been speaking disparagingly of her behind her back.


When Heather chooses to let herself into Summer Bay House that evening, Marilyn is dozing off on the sofa. As soon as she sees an opening, she empties a bottle of wine and carefully lays it on the coffee table before returning the photo to Marilyn’s hand.

The following morning, Roo notices that Marilyn has had a big night!

Marilyn is harassed by Heather in the diner later on as she inquires about her sleep quality. Leah checks on Marilyn, who confides in her about the picture but is obviously upset. Marilyn asserts that she is unaware of the baby’s identity, but she informs Leah that Heather is teasing her.

Leah wonders why Heather would do that and realises there must be more to the story than meets the eye, but she is unable to continue because Roo interrupts them and Marilyn remains silent.

Marilyn finally opens up to Leah after a subsequent run-in where Heather carelessly remarks in front of Marilyn that anyone may have a baby and simply give it away for adoption.

She explains that when her boyfriend and she broke up in the 1990s, she was in the middle of touring Australia with him.


Marilyn eventually found herself employed as a cleaner on a remote cattle station, where she became great friends with Tim.

Marilyn confided in Tim when she felt lonely, and the two started dating. Tim informed his wife of Marilyn’s pregnancy when she became pregnant, and they both agreed that she could stay with them until the baby was born.

Marilyn continues by saying that the two later persuaded her to abandon her daughter by promising to provide her a better life.

Marilyn felt she was doing the right thing by putting the baby, who she now thinks to be Heather, in their care because she had nothing and no one.

Because she fears that Roo and Alf (Ray Meagher), two of her closest friends, will never regard her in the same way again, Marilyn tells Leah that she isn’t ready to discuss it with Heather. She also asks Leah not to tell them.

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