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Neighbours icon Alan Fletcher shares his heartbreak after filming his final scenes as Karl Kennedy


Outside his and co-star Jackie Woodburne’s renowned Ramsay Street home, Alan Fletcher shot his final scenes.

The 65-year-old actor, who has portrayed Dr. Karl Kennedy on the long-running drama since 1994, took to Instagram to post a photo of himself and his on-screen wife on set as production on Neighbours nears its end.

“The Kennedy family’s last day of location was yesterday. “Over the previous 28 years, #jackiewoodburne and I have stood under this arch outside 28 Ramsay Street numerous times,” he wrote.

“As we wrap up filming on Friday, emotions are starting to rise.” Keep an eye out for updates. The most recent episodes are fantastic!!!”


Alan’s current and past Neighbours co-stars expressed their disappointment with the show’s cancellation, with Rob Mills saying, “Love you guys. Thank you for letting me crash on your couch for a time. Hug as soon as possible. “Congratulations on a tremendous effort, mate.”

“Very special,” Benjamin Turland wrote, while April Rose Pengilly simply said “.”

The popular soap was cancelled after Channel Five in the United Kingdom, the show’s largest financial sponsor in previous years, stated that it would not renew it after this summer in the United Kingdom.

Three months ago, Alan pleaded with Channel 10 to salvage the show.


In March, Alan said on Instagram, “It’s official, all attempts to #SaveNeighbours have been fruitless, and #fremantle has announced the show will finish production in June this year.”

“This is a very terrible day. I’d want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the millions of fans who have supported our famous drama for the past 37 years. Also, a huge thank you to our broadcast partners @channel10au and @channel5 tv for your long-term support of the show.

“Please stick with the programme until the finish because the last episodes will be a great celebration with returning characters and extraordinary narrative lines,” Alan appealed with viewers.

The actor went on to talk about his personal Neighbours experience, including a particular mention for Jackie Woodburne, who plays his on-screen wife Susan Kennedy.


“For almost 28 years, @neighbours has been my creative home.” It has given me a great deal of artistic satisfaction as well as strong, enduring friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

“Especially my artistic collaboration with the incredible #jackiewoodburne, who has made the voyage the most incredible joy.”

“Through my music and stage appearances, the programme has also connected me to thousands of people who have supported my efforts on and offscreen.” #staytuned #celebrateneighbours #farewellneighbours #pleasestickwithus,” I’m filled with thankfulness.

Alan received encouragement from past and present Neighbours cast members in the comments section.

“Wonderful Alan. Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished in the last 28 years. “Xox,” Lucy Durack wrote.

Dan MacPherson, on the other hand, said, “I’ll never forget my time with the qualite testosterone suspension avec expedition Kennedy’s mate.”


Alan and Jackie reflected on 25 years of working together on the serial for TV WEEK in 2019.

“It’s very amazing.” “It’s a true honour to be a part of Australian television history,” Alan stated.

“Twenty-five years is an eternity, but it feels like yesterday!” Jackie went on to say. “Time has flown by, and we’ve seen a lot of individuals come and go.” It’s been fantastic.”

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