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Final ever episode of Neighbours revealed — and it features Kylie and Jason


Fans of Neighbours may still be saddened at the prospect of the show’s 35-year run coming to an end, but there is a silver lining to the bad news: Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan have revealed they will be returning to the show for one more time.

Fans of the Australian drama know that Kylie and Jason’s roles as Scott and Charlene, Ramsay Street’s most iconic pair, helped start their careers back in the 1980s. And now it’s been discovered that not only have the famous couple already filmed their guest appearances on the drama, but they’ll also appear in the show’s final scene.

Emotions are running high among the cast as filming at the Neighbours studios comes to a close on Friday, June 10th. However, viewers will be able to enjoy the show for a little longer, as the final episodes will not run until August 1st.

According to The Sun(opens in new tab), the very last thing viewers will see before the Neighbours end credits roll is Kylie and Jason arriving on Ramsay Street as Scott and Charlene and dramatically exclaiming they are ‘home’.


“Everyone is heartbroken the show is coming to an end,” a source told The Sun, “but they are determined to go out on a high.” Kylie and Jason have such close links to the show that they didn’t hesitate to come back.

“The last moment, which sees Charlene and Scott return to the street and announce ‘we’re home,’ will bring tears to the eyes of viewers.”

However, there is a ray of light for fans of the programme because the insider also disclosed that the show’s authors purposefully ended it with the option of bringing it back at some point in the future. “Bosses have purposefully crafted the script so that Neighbours may return in a few years if anyone wants to salvage it,” they claimed.

“It was amazing and emotional,” Kylie said of her comeback to the show on Today Extra (via MailOnline(opens in new tab)). It was quite an experience driving down Ramsay Street.”


“First, where has all that time gone?” she exclaimed when asked about her reaction to being back on set. Second, everything appears to be same. Finally, Scott, Charlene, Jane, Harold — it all came back to me.”

Kylie was also keeping mum about what her parts on the serial featured, but she did indicate that there was “a lot of conversation about memories.”

On Channel 5, Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45 p.m. and 6 p.m.

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