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Neighbours spoilers: Amy’s love confession derails Toadie’s wedding?


There is a limit to how long someone can hold back their actual emotions, and Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) from Neighbours has been suppressing hers for so long that she is about to give way.

With Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) upcoming wedding, Amy has been experiencing increasing amounts of misery, especially because Zara (Freya Van Dyke) won’t accept the fact that Amy harbours affections for Toadie.

Will one more bit of extra pressure cause Amy to lose her cool? Amy has been graciously attempting to conceal her concerns, especially when Harold (Ian Smith) questions her regarding Toadie and Melanie’s (Lucinda Cowden) suitability.

The request to make Melanie’s wedding dress comes true, fulfilling her darkest nightmare. She is unable to refuse, but doing so forces her to directly participate in the wedding as well as face more of Melanie and Toadie’s passionate connection.


For a troubled Amy, things are simmering under the surface, and she looks to Harold for comfort. While this is going on, Toadie and Mel are aware that something is wrong but are unsure of what. That will add even more strain to an already delicate Amy.

It turns out to be too much, and Amy eventually breaks under the pressure of her feelings.

Toadie is taken completely off guard by the confession and withdraws from Amy. She makes an effort to stay away from him and allow the pair some space, but their perplexity drives them to look for explanations for what has happened. Instead of telling them the truth, Amy thinks that they need to be separated from one another. Amy departing from Erinsborough? Toadie might have the same thoughts and decide to call off the wedding.

On Monday, June 18, scenes are broadcast on Channel 5.


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