Friday, March 31, 2023

Meet Kate Ritchie And her new Boyfriend!

Kate Ritchie, 42, was recently an ex-home and Away Star, along with her latest pal, John Bell, 25.

And the 17-year-old gap between Kate’s fans raised the eyebrows, joking that her new beautiful looks young enough to be her son.

‘Surely this was her son, I presumed! ‘Anyone wrote about social media.

The younger, the more strong! ‘Another fan joked, adding some emojis crying-riding.

One person called the couple’s romantic display “a little confusing,” implying that John is still a teenager.

However, with one writing, others were more positive:’ Good on her, whatever might be the case.’

Kate, who had secretly split from her husband Stuart Webb many months ago, was seen on the PDA packing with her much younger boyfriend when they were vacationing in Byron Bay earlier this month.

The couple reportedly stayed on an Airbnb and spent a lot of their time on holiday relaxing by their private mineral salt pool and visiting Byron Bay’s top restaurants.

Resurfaced court records indicate that he had a brief brush with the law, although John is little known.

Court excerpts reveal that John was charged with reckless driving in March 2015, but was not convicted.

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