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Home and Away 8078 MON 17th JULY 2023 HD Episode


Home and Away 8078 MON 17th JULY 2023 HD Episode

Felicity and Tane are running out of time. Justin is back in action. Can John end his tenancy at chateau Irene?


Home and Away 8078 MON 17th JULY 2023 HD Episode

About Soap

Australian TV soap opera Home and Away is frequently referred to as H&A. On January 18, 1988, the Alan Bateman-created programme debuted on the Seven Network.

During a visit to Kangaroo Point, New South Wales, where he observed residents protesting the building of a foster home and opposing the thought of foster children from the city living in the countryside, Bateman had the idea for the show.

Refuge was the original working title for the soap opera, but once filming had begun, the name was changed to the “friendlier” Home and Away.

There was a 90-minute pilot episode for the program’s debut (subsequently in re-runs and on VHS known as Home and Away: The Movie).


Since then, every episode that has broadcast has been twenty-two minutes long. After Neighbours, Home and Away has grown to be the second-longest-running drama on Australian television.

It is now televised in Australia from Monday through Thursday at 7:00 pm.
One of Australia’s most lucrative media exports, Home and Away has been distributed to more than 80 nations worldwide.

The most watched overseas soap operas in the UK are this one and Neighbours, an Australian soap opera that also airs on Channel 5.

It is one of the most popular programme. With a total of forty-eight victories, including Most Popular Drama Program, Home and Away is the programme that has received the most Logie Awards in Australia.

Some cast members have also received numerous other honours, including the Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor and Most Popular Actress and the Gold Logie for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. Home and Away was honoured with a Logie Hall of Fame induction in 2015.

Home and Away 8078 MON 17th JULY 2023 HD Episode

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