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Lewis Finally gets his Revenge in latest Home and Away Promo


Lewis kept an unconscious Christian hostage in an abandoned ward at Northern Districts Hospital in the final moments of Thursday’s triple-bill. When we return to the action in next week’s dramatic episodes of Home and Away, two new promos reveal what’s in store for the doctor.

These episodes will premiere in Australia next week, and in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, May 18th.

For weeks, the rivalry between Lewis (Luke Arnold) and Christian (Ditch Davey) has been becoming increasingly tense, but we never imagined it would reach this point. The final 30 seconds of Thursday’s triple bill of Home and Away shocked Australian audiences, as Lewis demonstrated that he would go to any length to avenge Christian Green.

Since Lewis’ arrival in Summer Bay in November, tensions between the doctor and nurse have been that. Summer Bay’s newest nurse has been waiting for Christian to make a mistake since it was revealed that Lewis blamed Christian for his wife’s death, putting the neurosurgeon on edge and making him question his every move.


Christian eventually flipped and punched the nurse in the face after Lewis taunted him about his upcoming negligence investigation, confirming Lewis’s suspicions that the doctor can’t be trusted.

However, when Christian was finally found not guilty of negligence, Lewis became even more enraged. Rather than admit that the seasoned surgeon might be perfectly capable of doing his work, he simply assumed that those at the top of the hospital were simply protecting their own, and firmly believes that Christian should do anything he wants without getting punished.

And Jasmine (Sam Frost) is starting to have doubts about Lewis. She hasn’t seen any proof of wrongdoing and has realised that her new boyfriend is out for vengeance rather than justice, and that nothing she does will convince him otherwise.

She confronted Tori (Penny McNamee) at the end of Thursday’s episodes and admitted that things were getting out of hand – she couldn’t pinpoint her exact concerns, but she just felt like something terrible was going to happen.


“It’s all about Lewis,” says the narrator. It’s not like there’s something I can point to, but I can’t keep acting like everything’s fine.

“He’s still working on it for Christian… I’ve come to express my concern for him. I’m scared Tori, there’s something really wrong.”

Jasmine seems to be right to be concerned. Lewis has only so far resorted to taunting and baiting Christian, but he’s about to take things to the next level!

Lewis was seen dragging Christian into a seemingly abandoned area of Northern Districts Hospital in the shocking final moments of Thursday’s show. With plastic sheeting covering equipment, chairs stacked high, signs falling off the walls, and lighting in need of repair, it’s clear that this is a part of the hospital where no one goes. They’re all by themselves.


The vengeful nurse was seen dragging an unconscious Christian into the room by his legs, dragging him to an empty bed with leg and arm restraints on both ends.

We get a sneak peek of what’s in store when Christian wakes up tied to a hospital bed with Nurse Lewis standing over him in two promos for next week’s big episodes, both of which you can view in this article.

When the panicked doctor regains consciousness, he finds his arms and legs tied to the bed and a restraint across his chest. “What are you going to do?” he asks.

“I’m going to make sure you don’t hurt anybody else ever again,” Lewis says calmly as he prepares a lethal injection that will put Christian Green to death.

As Christian cries for assistance, Lewis assures him that his efforts are futile, saying, “No one can hear you, this ward hasn’t been used in ages.”

“Right now, your life is in my hands.”


Tori attempts to contact Christian, but his phone is just a few metres away, ringing and ringing. Jasmine’s concerns have spooked her, and she just wants to make sure he’s okay. So when she can’t reach him, she becomes concerned.

Is it, however, too late?

As Christian inquires as to why Lewis is wearing a heart monitor, the nurse responds, “I want to see the exact moment your heart stops.”

“This is the only way to ensure that no one else is harmed.”

Lewis is obviously not thinking clearly, as shown by the dramatic trailer, which shows him kicking over some equipment in anger. Despite Christian’s complete confinement, the doctor continues to enrage him.

In the meantime, Jasmine and Tori become aware that something is wrong. They scour the bay, stopping at the Diner and some of Christian’s favourite hangouts, but neither he nor Lewis are to be found.

Irene inquires, “Any news on Lewis?” “We went by his house but he wasn’t there,” Jasmine says, worried, “and now we can’t get in touch with Christian.”

“I just have an uneasy feeling about this.” Something has happened because Christian isn’t in surgery. In the trailer, the two of them sprint through the corridors of Northern Districts, with Jasmine exclaiming, “Someone must have seen them!”

The seconds are ticking away in the abandoned ward, as Lewis gets closer to exacting his final vengeance.

Lewis approaches Christian with a syringe filled with a transparent liquid, probably the same one he wanted to use on Ari just a few weeks ago. “Just pause and think about what you’re doing,” cries Christian, terrified.

Last time, Mia’s arrival unexpectedly put an end to Lewis’s murderous plans. Will he really be able to carry it out this time?

We see Christian coughing, as his heart rate monitor suddenly flatlines.

Will he make it out alive?

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