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Home and Away : Tane’s arms in the position they were born to play, giving off enormous amounts of energy. The vibes from the O.C.



The O.C. season three finale is in 2006, and Imogen Heap’s cover of Hallelujah is playing as Ryan pulls Marissa’s gangly limp body from the burning rubble. Ryan survives with minor injuries, but Marissa dies along with Mischa Barton’s acting career on the side of the lane.

No one’s career is over in this case – unless Nik and Bella were pursuing singing (I’ll get to that later) – but Tane (and his arms) were born to play the part of Mac.

Anna returns from her run. She’s not wearing shoes, so she’s making a bad effort to persuade us she’s just done some workout.

It has nothing to do with the storyline, but it irritates me.


Mac doesn’t want to think about her suffering at Ziggy’s place, so she goes to work to distract herself.

But she’s about to reconsider her decision because Ari and Mia are about to show up for a fun boozy lunch, despite the fact that Ari is just out of hospital after almost dying in a hit-and-run accident.

Ari notices that she isn’t looking so hot and pulls her over for a chat. Mac, on the other hand, is not prepared and walks away.

Ari tells Mia, “I think our showing up has fucked her up.”


“I understand that breakups are difficult, but she can’t even be in the same room with me now.”

We had hoped for so much more from you, Ari.

Ari literally left Mac and moved in with his old girlfriend right away, and he’s stunned that she can’t stand seeing him?

Then Mac’s condition deteriorates to the point that he collapses in the surf club.


Tane snatches her up and carries her to the hospital in his massive arms.

Ari and Mia witness everything, and Mia claims she has no choice but to tell Ari the truth.

“Mac was expecting a child,” Mia explains.





Home and Away ep 7535

“She miscarried the child.”

Ari shows up at the hospital where Mac is being treated for his injuries.

“Mac, I’m aware of the pregnancy,” Ari explains.

Home and Away ep 7535

“I’m so sorry you had to go through this by yourself. I was supposed to be here.”

“I didn’t want you to have to be with me,” Mac says, tears streaming down his face.

“I didn’t want it, and now I’m stuck with it.”

“I’m completely depleted.”

We don’t see the rest of the touching conversation, but Mac has brightened considerably and has been published.

“Take care of yourself,” Ari advises, “and call me if you need anything at any time.”

Mia is the nicest she’s been in the show so far when she’s at home.

“I am fine with you going and keeping Mac company,” she tells Ari.

“Take the pizza with you,” says the narrator.

Ari responds, “You and I both know there’s nothing someone can do to take away the hurt.”

In other reports, Nikau plans a weekend getaway for Bella.

They leave in 10 seconds flat after she packs her bag.

We’re fortunate the Home and Away actors weren’t recruited for their singing abilities because Bella’s poor singing voice makes me want to rip out my beautiful hair.

They arrive at a rustic-looking farmhouse after the singalong has ended.



Home and Away ep 7534

“It’s fine, Nik,” Bella says.

He’s gone to great lengths to woo her. Champagne and a bath are included!

They’re getting all cuddly on the couch when Ryder and Chloe arrive with tequila in hand, ready to party.

“You guys aren’t going to be able to stay,” Nik says.

They, on the other hand, play the guilt card and settle down.

Then there was yet another cringe moment. We’re currently watching a mediocre teen horror film.

Ryder is startled awake in the middle of the night by strange sounds.

He tells Chloe, “There’s someone outside.”

It’s obviously just a lame joke to get them back for ruining their romantic getaway, but the rouse continues for quite some time, with each of them getting their revenge.

I’ll spare you all and refrain from going into detail.

Bella zooms in on a photo of Nik taken before they were gate crashed, and there’s a mystery figure in the distance.

Suddenly, they’re at the Diner with Ryder and Chloe, and they’ve all agreed that this is the last of the pranks, and the suss silhouette lurking in the background is no longer a topic of conversation.

Dean is avoiding his duties at Salt by downing small beers.

Amber’s mention of marriage and children has piqued his interest.

Amber, on the other hand, tells him he’s off the hook because she’s content with their relationship and doesn’t want to start a family.

Dean’s mood has been misinterpreted, and he does want children, and he asks Amber not to dismiss the possibility, but they’re back to wanting totally different stuff.

Justin continues to be in agony, and John wishes to sell his home and donate the proceeds to Justin and Leah.

They will not, however, accept any money from John.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Lewis’ retaliation against Budget McDreamy.

It’s been a slow build, but the stakes are getting higher.

Budget McDreamy has been charged with assaulting Lewis, and he now describes himself as “an outstanding surgeon with a criminal record.”

Home and Away ep 7535

The two go about their business as normal, with Lewis encouraging Budget McDreamy, who appears to fall for it every time.

Budget McDreamy seems to be about to punch Lewis again, but Alf intervenes with the hose since they are conveniently located in front of the Bait store.

But the true victim here is poor Jasmine, who realises that using Lewis’ sperm isn’t a good idea because he’s actually insane.

“It’s not normal or healthy,” Jas says.

“‘Lewis’ is a I really care for you, but I’m concerned that if you keep acting like this, you’ll be arrested or worse.”

Jas recommends that he see a counsellor because she had such good outcomes and was healed after just a few sessions.

“Lewis, you can’t keep on like this. Everything has to change “she explains.

Lewis simply sighs and declines Jasmine’s invitation to a sleepover.

The next day, Jas expresses her fears to Tori.

Home and Away ep 7534

Jas says, “He’s really got it in for Christian.”

“I’m worried, Tori; something is seriously wrong.”

The scene shifts to the hospital, where Lewis is dragging a body by the feet through a dark, unused corridor.

The body is revealed to be Christian a split second later.



Home and Away ep 7534

Lewis will never get away with sneaking the unconscious body of a grown man into the hospital under normal circumstances – like real life. But, as this is Home and Away, Budget McDreamy’s time might be up.

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