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Inside Home and Away golden couple Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor’s sun-drenched holiday in Europe


Sophie Dillman and Patrick O’Connor, stars of Home and Away, have been blogging about their exciting trip to Europe.

The 29-year-old on-screen and off-screen couple recently travelled to Greece and shared a number of photos from their trip to the island of Mykonos on Instagram.

The most recent round of images was captioned by Patrick, who portrays Dean Thompson in the Channel Seven soap opera: “Mykonos has him now.”

In a recent interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Sophie, who portrays Ziggy Astoni, discussed her connection with Patrick.


Before obtaining their roles on Home and Away and developing a love relationship, she stated that they had originally met in college.

Working with Paddy is actually pretty nice; we did it before we started dating, said Sophie. So, initially, we had a wonderful working relationship.

I truly like his work ethic, some of his decisions, and the way he approaches his characters and plots. He has taught me a lot.

She laughed and responded that the cameras and the scripts would never permit it to be natural when asked if it makes their character’s kissing scenes a little easier.


Following several recent departures from the soap opera, the soap star gushed about how much she loves her work and vowed to stick around for as long as they will have her.

We don’t really get to pick how long we get to stay on Home and Away, she claimed. We are honoured to be given the chance to play characters on [the show].

“What the writers and producers want from the character” is up to them.

This follows Sophie’s recent call for “menstrual leave” in the workplace, arguing that while women are taught to “grin and bear it,” things would be different if men also had periods.


She told The Daily Telegraph, “I guarantee you any money that if males had periods, they wouldn’t have to work those days and they would be paid those days off every single month.”

In addition, Sophie disclosed that she has endometriosis and claimed that her Summer Bay coworkers have always been understanding of her illness.

In between takes, “everyone will hold my hot water bottle,” she said. “Wardrobe is supportive if my costume needs to alter because I’m bloated,” she said.

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