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Neighbours star Alan Fletcher reveals the show’s ‘most bizarre’ celebrity cameo: ‘He just disappeared without speaking to anybody’


Aussie soap Over the course of its illustrious 37-year run, Neighbours had a good number of celebrity cameos.

Over the years, celebrities like Shane Warne, Emma Bunton, and even Russell Brand made brief stops at Ramsay Street.

However, there was one guest role that longtime cast member Alan Fletcher will always recall as the “most interesting” and “bizarre.”

The 65-year-old actor said it was extremely odd to have Clive James portray a postman in an interview with the I’ve Got News for You podcast prior to Thursday’s season finale.


The majority of famous people who have visited Erinsborough have stopped to interact with the cast, but the late journalist barely spoke to anyone.

According to Fletcher, “Clive James was one of my most interesting [cameos] because he came as a postie and had almost no interaction with any of the cast.”

He simply circled the court on his bike before vanishing. And I don’t believe anyone ever spoke to him.

He simply circled and then galloped off! It was the strangest thing in the entire universe.


James, a well-known Australian author, critic, and broadcaster who worked primarily in the UK, had a small role in Neighbours in 1995.

In November 2019, he passed away at age 80.

As Dr. Karl Kennedy, Fletcher debuted in the Channel 10 series in 1994. Jackie Woodburne played his on-screen wife Susan.

Fletcher and Woodburne recently reflected on their 28 years working together on the show and the buildup to the conclusion in an interview with Radio Times.


We were’suppressing the feelings about the conclusion of the concert right up until the end of the day and simply got on with the work,’ he said.

We had a lot to finish, including some major moments, so it was crucial that we did so on time. The key to success was maintaining laser-like focus.

Fletcher and Woodburne must deal with the loss of their long-standing working relationships in addition to their beloved employment.

Fletcher said that his work wife “made every day a delight” and that he will miss her dearly.

After portraying Susan for so many years, Woodburne, 66, said saying goodbye to her was “heartbreaking,” adding, “I’ve lived with her for so long and been through so much with her.”

“I feel like I’ve been her guardian, watching over her while she’s been living her life.”


I made character changes to keep her within the confines of what the public expected and what was accurate in an effort to keep her realistic.

And I really miss her right now.

Fan favourites from the past will be returning to Ramsay Street to celebrate with Erinsborough locals in what is sure to be a suspenseful and dramatic conclusion.

From the opening scene in 1985 to the final episode in 2022, the send-off aims to offer something to appeal to every age group and period.

On Thursday, July 28, at 7.30 p.m., Channel 10 and 10Peach in Australia will broadcast the Neighbours finale.

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