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Home and Away Spoilers – Stunning Organics threaten Maz with “consequences”


Will Marilyn’s threat from Stunning Organics be enough to quiet her on Home and Away in the UK the following week?

Next week, when Justin and Andrew place a little too much trust in Cash’s police abilities, Marilyn (Emily Symons), whose battle with Stunning Organics is still ongoing, will do the same.

Last week, Marilyn finally had the chance to leave the cosmetics company after a threat in an email to reveal their business practises persuaded them to let her terminate her employment without incurring any fees. But when their courier arrived to pick up the goods, Marilyn felt she couldn’t let them be sent to yet another unwitting brand advocate, so she made the decision to keep fighting.

The following week, Marilyn’s friend Roo (Georgie Parker) sets up an interview for her with the Coastal News. Although Marilyn is clear that she wants justice, Alf (Ray Meagher) questions whether it is a good idea.


They are delighted with the resultant story when it gets online later that afternoon, with Alf and Roo also receiving a namecheck. The phone interview goes smoothly, with both Alf and Roo singing Marilyn’s praises.

Marilyn, however, notices a lot of uncomfortable comments on the story the following day. While some claim that Marilyn has been paid by a competing business to speak out against Stunning Organics, others label her a troublemaker and attention-seeker who is just out for herself.

When Marilyn hears a voicemail, things abruptly take a very sinister turn.

Marilyn is informed by an unidentified voice that she was told to keep quiet and that the consequences of her actions will be felt by her and her friends.


Roo and Marilyn go to the police station to inform Rose of the message while keeping it from Alf. They can at least track the caller’s phone number because it doesn’t appear like they concealed their number.

Rose cautions them to keep a look out for anything unusual in the meanwhile, though. They should watch their backs as instructed by the message, so they should.

Rose subsequently calls Marilyn back to the station, but the news is not good. The individual who answered the phone had never heard of Marilyn or Stunning Organics before they dialled the number. They’ve concluded that the number must have been faked after reviewing the records and finding no evidence of the call.

It is obvious that this person used highly advanced technology to conceal their identity and has gone to considerable pains to do so.


Rose assures Marilyn that they will keep looking for the call, but Marilyn is terrified about what might happen next.

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