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Home and Away confirms why Jasmine Delaney won’t be back


Jasmine Delaney’s absence from Summer Bay has finally been explained on-screen by Home and Away.

A few weeks ago, the well-known figure abruptly left the show in order to assist the family of her late husband Robbo Shaw. Since Sam Frost, who plays Jasmine, has left the show permanently, there were no plans for her to return.

Jasmine’s family members in the Bay have been reassuring her over the past few weeks that her departure would only be temporary.

But in the Australian Channel 7 show airing on Wednesday, Jasmine’s partner Cash Newman finally learned that she wouldn’t be coming back.


This week, Cash was perplexed when he requested Jasmine to return to the Bay but she did not appear, derailing his plans for a romantic proposal.

Cash grew concerned and filed a missing person report for Jasmine after she, the Shaw family, and both of their unanswered calls.

In the most recent episode of Home and Away, Cash was shocked to learn that Jasmine was okay from the police.

Unfortunately, Jasmine had made the decision to stay away and had given the police the task of telling Cash the news.


To Irene Roberts, Cash said: “When the neighbourhood coppers arrived at the farm after my request for a welfare check, Jasmine and her in-laws were already there. Jasmine has made the decision to stay.

“She requested that the police relay the message since she didn’t want to speak to me. She reportedly wishes to convey her love, regrets, and hope that we will comprehend.”

Jasmine’s choice was swiftly attributed to Cash, who felt that by pressing her to go earlier than she had intended, he had alienated her.

Irene then inquired as to whether Jasmine’s lately relocated to the Bay siblings Xander and Rose, who had been missing for a very long time, were aware of her choice.


Cash made a promise to fill them in, stating: “They must have no knowledge of it, in my opinion. I will not in any way allow them to learn over the phone.

“Irene, they have travelled here their entire lives for nothing. How should they respond to that?”

In September, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

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