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Home & Away stars who are real life buddies


For the Home and Away viewers, connections established from their favourite characters mean the world. It is thus unbelievable to see how the relations between the actors on the hit soap persisted over time.

On-screen and in real life, are Sam Frost and Sarah Roberts. Sam told: I value my sar bear so much!! She shares a sweet pair of images for Sarah birthday. I never met anyone who’s so warm and polite. Sar’s lovely indoors and outdoors. I’m so grateful to have such a fantastic friend. Good! Nice!

Kids meet! Kids meet! As she wished her long-standing fellow Happy Birthday in January Ada Nicodemou shared a nice snap with the comrade and closest pal Lynne McGranger.


“Waiting for our brunch to celebrate your day. Thank you for all your love and encouragement,” said Ada.


Again the kids are in the area! The first players to visit the golf course after a meeting in Australia, Todd Lasance, Luke Mitchell, Chaz Cottier, Lincoln Younes and Australian actor, Adam Demos have taken part in the case.

The baby Iona, from her on-screen husband Charlie Clausen, Ada Nicodemou, “finally got to meet,” shortly after she was born last year. Ada wrote in the title: “You are perfectly splendid.

Kassandra Clementi and Lincoln Younes are rocking her hair in a friend’s wedding.

The north-east hanging out Alec Snow and Philippa in LA.


Kate Richie took Ray Meagher to her radio show for a special gathering, a legendary home and Away star.

The Nashville stars Micah Tootoo and the neighbours star John Harlan Kim are hanging with H&A’s Christian Antidormi, Jordan Rodrigues and Lincoln Younes. The coordinated stripe of the community is sufficient.The daily catches of Samara Weaving and Charles Cottier.

The Cooped Up was brought together by Charles Cottier and Steve Peacocke.

The dinner is gathered together by Tai Hara, Josselin Tessa, and George Mason.


The photograph taken by the wife of Luke and by fellow H&A alum Rebecca Breeds Luke Mitchell, Kain O’Keeffe and Todd Lasance celebrate Luke’s 31st birthday.

Georgie Parker and Ray Meagher are catching up with Kassandra.

Samara Weaving shared her closest friends, Jackson Gallagher, Demi Harmon, and her dinner photos (left).

Runyon’s Hiking Canyon in LA, Lasance Todd, Younes Lincoln and Antidormi are taking on a role. Lincoln named his Instagram post as No Flex Zone.”

Jointly with partners Fely Irvine and Tahnee Ruffo, Tai Hara and Johnny Ruffo will attend a concert.

Evelyn MacGuire and Matt Page were performing sweetie on the computer by Pip Northeast and Alec Snow, and in real life they are both extremely near each other.



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