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The first clues of Home and Away in 2021

Seven, the TV network in Australia that broadcasts Home and Away, gave us our first hint of what we could expect from Homeand Away in 2021. Read more about some big ones

The 2021 “Upfronts” screened last night an annual preview of what the channel will be able to do for the next year.

The festival typically takes place personally in Seven’s Media City base at Eveleigh. However because of the modern climate, it was replaced this year by a virtual festival.


Upfront is an activity to inspire channel advertisers and investors to spend money, but it also offers television viewers a preview into how their favourite TV networks will be broadcasting in next year. But in 2021 there are any big spoilers


We have seen a walk along Summer Bevery from Sam Frost (Jasmine), Emily Weir (Mackenzie), Rob Kipa–Williams (Ari), and from Ethan Browne (Tane) to mostly sponsors addressing the success of shows both on TV and online in the past year.

Sam tells us it’s the number one Australian drama that gets over 2 million viewers a week. Ethan says that every week more than twelve million minutes are downloaded from the show to the 7Plus catch-up service while Rob points to the more than two million followers of the social network on Facebook and Instagram.


“As Emily points out, that is a great deal of Aussies tuning in for heat, surfing, romanticity, suspense and action.”


Today is a critical point in the overview of 2021. Home and Away have to say the following:

In Australia’s DNA, No. 1 drama will explore new beginnings, second chance, love and deceit and vengeance in 2021. Award-winning home and distance will be introduced.


A dream from the past is threatening to derail one of the favourite couples of Bay’s, some mistakes are recompensing a familiar face and the group is rent apart when passion is distorted and faith is put.

Moreover a special wedding that we have all waited for – everything is set in the sunny Summer Bay background.


You probably already know some of those things if you’re a keen reader of the Home & Away spoilers. But a few new pieces of knowledge are still available in it so let’s attempt to examine things and see what we can conclude.

A fantasy of the past

Justin and Leah

Nikau and Bella

Ari and Mackenzie

Martha and Alf

Owen and Roo

Taylor and Angelo

Christian and Tori

Roo (Georgie Parker) and Owen (C4-0Daddo) are certainly another choice. They are one of the latest couples in the Bay and are still looking a lot for their foundations, but they certainly are not free of problems. He had just discovered that he had a long lost sible he never met before, Owen had attempted to adapt to a new relationship.


The rest of his family, his daughters and his former wife, have to be seen. Is one of them going to come in the bay and cause problems?

Earlier this year, pictures by paparazzi showed a mystery blonde with Nikau’s arm, played by an actress Sam Barrett.

Sam’s character has been seen talking around her with her shoulder with Ryder (Lukas Radovitsch) and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo). This could of course be completely innocent, but could an ex or acquaintance with Nikau’s history cause problems for the blossoming relationship of Bella (Courtney Miller)?


A Face Family

“To correct some mistakes a familiar face”

Only Heath Braxton can be this one and only!

Knowledge is still very small, but we know that Heath is supposed to come back either by the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021 in a plot linked to a number of Summer Bay favourites.

Earlier this year Home and Away seized a parking lot in sydney, filming a fighting scenario between two rival gangs.

In the film, a group of unknown people came near Patrick O’Connor (Dean), Rob Kipa-Williams (Ari), and Ethan Browne (Tane). A familiar face emerges from a mustard-colored ute as they speak, and there’s no other person but Dan Ewing who played Heath from 2011 to 2017.


There was immediate speculation on whether Heath had gone to Summer Bay, more than three years after he was last seen. Some spectators say Heath is back to help Colby get out of prison, which matched Colby/Ross Nixon’s storey and the cast and crew that were allegedly filmed at the jail.


However, as the filming at Palm Beach (the real home of Summer Bay’s outdoor scenses) in Tim Franklin (Colby) is still not seen since June, any attempts to break away seem to be unsuccessful. Another rumour is that Colby rots in prison, but the final scenes of Senior Adviser Thorne seems likely to be just weeks away.

Another distinct possibility is that Tane’s new dodgy dealing is the beginning of Heath’s return storey line. He baggered a job recently at Summer Bay Auto, but when he wore a van full of stolen goods he almost immediately threw Ziggy and his car into hot water.

The police are now chasing the vehicle and its crooked friends are wiping their hands off the hit, leaving him with a hot car and now nowhere to go.


Can the van be linked in a way to the Braxtons? Heath seems to be on the same side of Dean, Tane, and Ari, but it seems unlikely at this stage… but perhaps a trustworthy Dean goes to the rescue of Ziggy and Tane with the aid of his old River Boy mates to shelve someone who is searching for stolen goods?


Heath couldn’t be far back to Australia’s phone. We could be a month or two away from River Boy’s return with reports that he will make his debut on and just before the 2020 season end of the show.
Love is turned around.
“The group can be cut off until passion is twisted and faith is lost.”

Yeah, we can’t say anything about that and we’re stumped when it comes to that one. We haven’t been without business and disintegration in Summer Bay over the last few years, but there were not many who had the confidence to smash this party.


Any thoughts on that? We opened the comment section at the end of the storey, so tell us what you think it should be all about!


A marriage

We have no doubt that it is the wedding of Tori and Christian. Yes, it seems like a few people are only beginning to stay away.

The two doctors may have exchanged their first right date on Australian screens only but Christian seems to be a pace mover and in the first half of 2021 he has set himself to deliver Dr. Morgan.


Eagle-eyed fan Vikki Ross had a chance to witness the following aftermath of the case at Palm Beach in August, as her friends and family met to celebrate the Holy News.

The happy couple shot beachfront scenes to the surf club. Tori’s hand revealed an engagement ring.


On arrival at the Surf Club, Christian and Tori are greeted with screaming ‘comes up! “On the balcony of Leah and Justin and a big banner with “Tori and Christian for ever together.”

The people of Summer Bay do not hang around when it comes to planning a wedding because a two-to-three years commitment would doubtfully take place in this place. Are we having engagement bells in the middle of next season?


Her first romance, which ended in 2018, from her friendship with Ash (George Mason), marks Tori’s relationship with Christian. She looks like she met a decent doctor who looked for a serious relationship even more suitable, but after all, would that be happy for Tori?


What else? What else?
With Bridie Carter’s introduction as Susie McCalister, and Luke Arnold’s probably fresh love for Jasmine, we set ourselves for two brand new characters in 2021.


Recently, in our August spoiler roundabout, both popular Australia-actors saw shooting scenes in Palm Beach.

Bridie’s character, Susie McCalister, seems likely to become John Palmer’s friend as a new love interest after his division with Marilyn Chambers. The pair walked through the beach hand in hand in August in scenes taken.

Also in Palm Beach several times were seen shooting Luke Arnold, famous for playing Long John Silver at Black Sails. The bulk of his scenes so far seems to have had a flowering association with Sam Frost (Jasmine).


Will he be the thing Jasmine needs to get over Robbo?


And this is it for now. Much of this is speculation already but we won’t have to wait long to find out how much is right.


Last year, Home and Away’s final episode was broadcast in Australia on 27 November.

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