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Home and Away: Marilyn has a series of disasters


This week in Summer Bay…

Monday: Justin is trying to contain the damage from their disastrous conversation with Chloe. He tries to comfort Leah, who is upset that he threw her under the bus, as well as a dejected Theo, who is afraid he has lost his fiancée for good.

Leah, who is upset that Justin hasn’t apologised yet, arrives home late and discovers Justin and Theo playing video games. She tells him she’s exhausted from covering Chloe’s shift since she was too ashamed to work today, and after declining his offer of pizza and video games, she leaves to go to bed. At the hospital, Logan is pacing while he mulls over a choice. He decides, and then pauses abruptly. He picks up the phone and makes a call to the army to ask about re-enlisting.

Tuesday: After their argument, Leah learned that Justin had chosen to stay at John’s apartment rather than sleep on the couch. Leah goes over to talk about their issues, but Justin, who is still sour, won’t talk to her and rushes back into John’s house.


In the meantime, Chloe and Theo get back together. Theo apologises for not telling her before they were ambushed by Justin and Leah, and Chloe swears she won’t leave them whenever they encounter difficulty.

Jasmine is being informed by Xander about his altercation with Dr. Bolton. Since he has never met this doctor before and assumes that he is merely filling in, Xander is not really concerned. Logan has departed, and Bolton is now in charge of the ED, so Jasmine is left to break the bad news.

In light of this, Xander makes an effort to put things right with the new doctor but is met with resistance. Bolton dismisses Xander out of hand because he is only a lowly paramedic and not a doctor, even if all he wants to know is how the patient from yesterday is doing. Bolton warns Xander that the next time they cross paths, he will file a formal complaint. Jasmine encourages Xander not to spend all of his time and energy worrying about someone who isn’t his responsibility after learning about it.

Wednesday: To welcome Theo into the family, Chloe coaxes a reticent Nikau to a BBQ. Theo has less success persuading Justin to accompany him and act as his guard, though.


Felicity is glad that the police have chosen not to press any charges against her as a result of Mac’s confession. Her relief turns to contrition as a furious Cash gives her a stern rebuke. Felicity regrets having let Cash down because they were getting along so well.

When Chloe invites Felicity and Tane to her BBQ, Felicity’s mood improves. Tane goes out of his way to invite a still-upset Cash to the family celebration as Felicity leaves with Chloe to plan. Felicity is shocked when Cash shows up at the BBQ, and the two of them share an awkward hug. Any remaining tension dissipates as Cash takes pleasure in the enormous spread that has been set up.

Dean is concerned about Ziggy because she hasn’t phoned or returned his calls. He speaks with Justin, who figured he would be aware of the situation. Justin assumes it has to do with his recent legal issues with the police. Dean brings a pizza home to find it empty.

Thursday: Ziggy, shaken by her argument with Dean, makes her way back to Summer Bay. Ziggy worries that their relationship is in trouble despite Mackenzie urging them to talk. Mac won’t give in, so Ziggy is forced to confront Dean. True to her suspicions, Dean stomps off to bed still enraged that Ziggy left him.


Cash invites Rose out for a drink after getting wasted, and Rose shows up. She is shocked to learn that there are only the two of them. Rose catches up after quickly realising Cash is in the middle of a few drinks. Cash is gushingly complimenting Rose as a brilliant cop while buzzed from alcohol.

Tane observes that a depressed Nikau needs assistance. Tane tries to console Nikau, but Nikau isn’t ready and pushes him away. Nikau feels at ease following a touching phone talk with Bella and apologises to Tane. To make the time before Bella’s return go by faster, Nikau has made the decision to keep himself occupied at work. Tane is pleased with Nikau’s solution.

Alf requests that Nikau assist Marilyn in managing the bait business while he is away, but Nikau regretfully declines, stating that he is too busy lifeguarding. Alf concerns that Marilyn won’t be able to handle the increasing amount of obligations as Marilyn becomes confused.

Cash arrives at Felicity’s door feeling humiliated, but she won’t let him off the hook. Cash claims in defence that there was nothing between him and Rose, but his recall is unclear. When he tells Jasmine, Felicity foresees a lot more trouble ahead. Cash is adamant that neither he nor Felicity are going to notify Jasmine. Felicity is shocked to learn that Cash wants her to tell lies on his behalf. Cash is adamant that Jasmine won’t learn about his night with Rose despite Felicity’s warning that lying appears to be an admission of guilt.

Jasmine receives disturbing news on Friday that Robbo’s mother has suffered a heart attack and need assistance. Jasmine makes numerous attempts to get in touch with Cash but is unsuccessful. Jasmine inquires about Cash when she runs into a jittery Rose at the diner. Rose, who is feeling guilty, says she didn’t see him. Jasmine tells Rose about the catastrophe that befell Robbo’s family and the pressing need to go take care of them. When Rose promises to watch over Cash while she’s away, Jasmine is appreciative.

Alf worries that Marilyn won’t be able to manage the trailer park and bait shop without him despite her careful note-taking. Irene is forced to allow Marilyn to store the extra bait in the Diner freezers after she unintentionally orders too much bait. Marilyn vows to keep her mistake a secret from Alf and vows there won’t be any more errors. Marilyn sends Alf off to Merimbula while grinning. However, following a string of mishaps, Marilyn tells Irene she can’t handle it. They can create an advertisement for a handyman thanks to Irene’s plan, which is fortunate.


Ziggy & Dean resolve their differences by putting on a unified front for Mackenzie’s benefit. But Mackenzie won’t stand by and let them stew. She needs her family to be in a decent position to assist her because her partner abandoned her and she now faces prison. And don’t they realise how fortunate they are? Ziggy and Dean should be happy for what they have because they care about each other.

After receiving a troubling call, Dean goes to find Mackenzie. The real estate agent called with awful news: Mackenzie will be evicted in 7 days since her rent is 6 weeks past due.

Monday through Friday at 1:15 p.m. on Channel 5, Home and Away.

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