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Revealed: The real-life FATHERS of Home and Away!



There is no better time to be thankful for the lighter side of life and to pay tribute to the men who are raising beautiful children, or have successfully raised them, with so many difficult events occuring in 2020.

Outside Summer Bay’s sandy beaches, many past and present Home and Away stars are battling children of their own, with perhaps less drama than the famous soap appears to deal with.

From the multi-kid brood of Cameron Daddo to Shane Withington’s grown-up daughter following in his footsteps and the young people of Jake Ryan and James Stewart, we take a look at our favourite real-life doting dads from the Home and Away world.


In October last year, new dad Jake Ryan (who played Robbo) and girlfriend Alice Quiddington welcomed their first child, a son named Wolf William Ryan, together.


Jake has posted several cute snaps of Wolf on Instagram since the bundle of joy’s arrival, melting everyone’s hearts in the process.

8 years old Scout is James Stewart’s daughter Home and Away, the ridiculously cute, who plays Justin and his ex-fiancee, Jessica Marais.

She is the cutest thing I have ever seen.” “Being a daddy has given me so much joy.


Cameron Daddo is well versed in life as a husband and father of the couple’s three children with three decades of marriage under his belt with wife Alison Brahe: daughters Lotus, 24, and Bodhi, 14, and son River, 14. “He told in 2018, “We’re very proud of our children.


Charlie Clausen is best known to Home and Away fans as one of Leah’s former husbands, Zac MacGuire. He’s got a strong foot in the parenting world these days.

Not only does he share Iona’s 11-month-old daughter with Gemma’s mum, he hosts a DadPod parenting podcast alongside fellow popular dad, Osher Gunsberg.



When it comes to Shane Withington’s adult daughter, Maddie, who he shares with his wife (and co-star of A Country Practice) Anne Tenney, the apple does not fall from the tree.

In 2015, where dad Shane plays John Palmer, Maddie made a guest appearance on Home and Away. Those acting abilities have to be in the blood!


The on-screen brother of Jackson, Tai Hara, who played Andy Barrett, is a new dad after his wife Fely Irvine gave birth in October to their first child, a daughter named Chi.

“It’s great, it’s everything and more. It’s one of those stuff people tell you about but you don’t know how beautiful it is until you really experience it,” Tai told of being a parent.



After welcoming daughter Charlie into the world in July 2016 with wife Jordan, Todd, who played Aden Jefferies from 2005 to 2005, admits fatherhood changed him for the better.

It is unbelievable the potential for love and what love entails. “In 2018, Todd told, “You think you know what love is and then you have a kid and then you’re like ‘Oh my God, this is it.”

The strength of emotion that I’m starting to experience is fantastic as well. It’s just like a golden ticket as an actor, particularly for your work as well because you feel all so much more deeply. It has been lovely on all fronts.


Jackson Gallagher (who played Josh Barrett from 2013 to 2016) agrees with the sentiment that fatherhood changes a person for the better.


It’s a part of my life, a very wild and enriching part, that I have a lot of love for,” he explained.”

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