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Home and Away’s Ziggy Astoni to suffer shock collapse in baby storyline


Will she and the child be alright?

Home and Away’s Ziggy and Dean are expecting a child, but the news has come at a hectic time for them. The following week, Ziggy will demonstrate how she is not properly caring for herself or the unborn kid.

The news of the baby arrived just as Ziggy’s life was about to alter as her ambitions of becoming a professional surfer came realised. It is reasonable that she is having trouble, and the morning sickness isn’t helping either, given how hectic her job is as well.

Dean urges Ziggy to inform Justin about the pregnancy so that he can lessen the burden on her while she is at work out of concern for the wellbeing of his family.


Ziggy does concur, but as soon as Justin offers her a promotion, which she accepts, she finds it more difficult to tell the others.

Dean is annoyed that she hasn’t mentioned anything and that her workload will now be even higher. However, Ziggy is determined that she wants to keep to her principles since she believes that she merits the promotion.

However, the sheer amount of work she has to do eventually wears her out. When she is left alone in the garage, she inadvertently breathes in chemical solution and passes out on the garage floor.

Tane is astonished to discover Ziggy’s condition when he finally awakens, and when she tells him she is pregnant, he is even more shocked. Thankfully, Tane arrives quickly.


Ziggy is relieved to learn that the infant will be fine, but it is obvious that if she wants to keep them both healthy, something has to change.

Tane decides to keep quiet about what he has learnt, but Dean realises that in order to ensure that Ziggy doesn’t experience any more problems, he needs to set some ground rules and put his foot down.

Will Ziggy be able to prioritise herself and her child, or will she continue to run across issues?

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