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Shocking arrest, painful truth and old flame: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers



On this week’s episode of Home and Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) has a difficult time getting back to work and worries Rose (Kirsty Marillier) when he is too aggressive when making an arrest. Is he yet prepared to start working again?

In a different scene, Marilyn (Emily Symons) proceeds to break into Heather’s van to find out more information, but she is quickly apprehended and arrested by Cash.

Meanwhile, Justin (James Stewart) is pleased to be Lyrik’s new manager and is living the life of a rock star through the band. But as soon as he starts attempting to negotiate concert prices, he realises that he is out of his element. And after a catastrophic conversation with Mackenzie (Emily Weir), he has some horrible news for the band.

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, October 24.


Cash is too violent with a criminal and goes too far with an arrest.

Cash has returned to work for the first time since the shooting, and Rose and Felicity are concerned that he is doing so far too soon. The first assignment is to deal with a theft and assault at the Surf Club, which adds to the difficulty of the issue. It becomes apparent that Cash isn’t as understanding and patient as he once was when Roo and Cash interview Remi.

Later, when the police identify the suspect carrying Remi’s guitar bag, Cash overreacts to the arrest and knocks the suspect to the ground. When the man starts complaining about how unfair the cops are and claims to be hurt, Rose wonders if Cash is actually prepared to go back to work.

Is Marilyn attempting to ruin Roo’s tutoring service?
As she defends herself against accusations made by those she cares about, Marilyn has recently had her job cut out for her. She is surprised when John shows her a harsh message that she sent to Jett from her own account, claiming that since he is adopted, he would always be a letdown. Despite her insistence that she didn’t send the message, Roo starts to question if she should get her medicine reviewed.


When Roo reads internet evaluations for her teaching company and discovers a troubling collection of comments, her suspicions escalate. She quickly accuses Marilyn of attempting to sabotage her business, which deeply offends Marilyn. Marilyn, or is she being set up by someone else?

Remi is devastated when Bree shares her shocking news with him.
Bree, the new doctor who has effortlessly assimilated into the community at the Bay, has Remi’s admiration, which he has made no secret of. Although Bree has made it clear she isn’t interested in anything more than friendship, the two have spent some time together. After being attacked and robbed in front of the Surf Club, Remi is taken to the hospital where he believes he has passed away and is in heaven until he realises he is in Bree’s care.

Bree watches wistfully as Remi plays the guitar from his hospital bed after receiving the necessary care. Remi subsequently makes the decision to confront Bree directly why she keeps cutting him off, and she responds with a stunning revelation: she is married.

After breaking into Heather’s van, Marilyn is apprehended by the police.


Marilyn is starting to feel like everyone is against her because Roo appears to have determined that she is responsible for Jett’s harsh message and the negative internet assessment of her tutoring company. Irene urges Marilyn to report the message sent from her account, but when the two women get to the station, Cash is icy and rude. Marilyn decides to take matters into her own hands and creeps up to Heather’s van while she waits for the cybercrime section to respond to her report. She enters once she realises it is uninhabited. While covertly observing from a few metres away, Heather fakes a panicked call to the police. Alf and Roo are terrified to learn that Marilyn has been taken into custody by Cash for breaking and entering.

Justin tries to assist Lyrik, but they end up losing everything.
Lyrik is enjoying their success as a result of their popular online video. Although they are receiving a lot of booking inquiries, the admin is turning them away. They understand that they require a manager to work out their touring schedule and negotiate gig compensation. When Justin learns about it, he is immediately interested and prepares the best pitch. He’s thrilled when the band hires him, but he soon realises he’s in over his head because he has no idea what Lyrik should accept in terms of a pay for each performance.

To make matters worse, he engages in aggressive haggling with Mackenzie over raising the payment for Lyrik’s regular assignments. After things get awkward, Justin breaks the terrible news to the band that he has eliminated their primary source of revenue.

Marilyn learns the truth about Heather’s true identity.
Despite the fact that Marilyn was detained for stealing into Heather’s van, it was there that she found the information she was looking for—Hughes’ birth certificate. She confronts Heather with the proof because it proved what she had already suspected. She is aware that Heather is her daughter, therefore the secret is out. Heather’s expression darkens, which is nice. They may now cease acting pretend.

Heather stops pretending to care about Marilyn’s welfare and expresses her true emotions to her mother: “How could you abandon me as a baby?” And how, given that Marilyn destroyed her daughter’s life, can the Bay hold her in such high esteem? Marilyn finds herself unable to speak, yet she must explain.

Eden and Cash can’t help but rekindle their previous chemistry.


With his new, icy attitude, Cash is not holding any hostages. Eden observes that he is no longer the gentle, sympathetic man she knows when he arrives at the hospital to question Remi about the incident. When she chooses to invite herself to the station for lunch later, Cash asks out loud, “Why didn’t they ever work out?” as they begin to converse.

Eden is sincere; he wanted something serious, and she’s not serious. A few days later, Felicity requests that Eden check on Cash, and Eden is able to secure Cash’s overnight escape. The two can’t help but reconnect after a night of drinking and talking about the past, and the next morning they are still in bed together.

When Tane makes a radical decision, Nikau becomes concerned.

Tane and Nikau are happy to be through with court and to be able to put the biker gang incident behind them. Tane, meanwhile, is in an odd and melancholy frame of mind, which causes him to ask John some odd questions regarding the gym’s lease, confounding Nikau and Felicity.

When Nikau is questioned by Felicity about Tane, they decide to assist him in emerging from his strange state of mind. Tane reveals that he no longer feels satisfied working at the gym when Nikau and his uncle have a peaceful moment to themselves. He’s considering selling it.

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