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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney faces huge work dilemma over Cash Newman


Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

Following her buddy Cash Newman’s accusation of police abuse, Rose Delaney of Home and Away is faced with a challenging professional decision.

In scenes that will appear this week, Rose is asked to comment on Cash’s actions, including the rough arrest of a theft suspect that Cash made. Cash pleads with his coworker not to report him out of fear for his job. Rose, who is still in disbelief at his behaviour, maintains that he crossed a line and must take responsibility for his actions.

Finally, Cash says that his actions were the result of a poor day, but he begs Rose not to say so. Rose, on the other hand, isn’t persuaded by his argument and reminds him that as a cop, his “poor days” can have major repercussions.


Later, Cash lashes out at Rose for not assisting to cover up the incident and instead opting to make a statement against him. Rose, who is upset by his behaviour, explains to her friend that she has been trying to support him and has been worried about how he is coping with the fallout from being shot while on duty.

Rose notices that Cash hasn’t been the same since the incident, changing from a kind-hearted small-town cop into a heavy-handed policeman, and she becomes increasingly worried for her friend’s welfare.

Her neighbours don’t appear to share her fears. Even though Xander suggests Cash continue with counselling, he finally believes it’s best to refrain from pressing the issue.

Cash makes the decision to visit his ex-girlfriend Eden in order to put his job worries to rest. They spend the night together, but Eden is surprised the next day when Cash abruptly develops a frigid attitude toward her, observing that this is not typical of him.


Could Rose’s worries regarding Cash’s behaviour change be supported?

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