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Home and Away’s Theo to be confronted over drugs in wedding episodes


Theo Poulos of Home and Away will run with Justin Morgan next week when his lies start to catch up with him.

When Justin interrupts his own wedding day to confront Theo, he does so with a shock.

In a touching ceremony, Justin and Leah Patterson tie the wedding in next week’s programs on Channel 5.

In addition to bringing the Summer Bay community together, Justin’s sister Tori, his teenage daughter Ava, and Leah’s son VJ make a triumphant return.


After being informed by Kirby Aramoana about Theo’s drug use with Valerie Beaumont, his new lover, Justin bides his time.

The fact that Theo purchased a fresh supply of drugs with Lyrik’s honorarium for playing at the wedding has especially wounded him.

After the ceremony, Valerie takes out a bag of drugs and tries to entice her lover to join her for the wedding reception. Reminding Valerie that it’s his aunt’s wedding and not suitable, Theo expresses his disgust.

Not long after, Justin approaches Theo and requests a private conversation. He presses Theo to acknowledge using Justin’s money to purchase narcotics, demanding to know what’s going on.


When it becomes evident that lying and denying won’t work, Theo admits his mistakes and agrees to reimburse Justin.

Although Justin maintains that money is not the problem, he understands Theo’s struggles because the Morgan family has a history of drug misuse.

Justin lays down the law, telling Theo Valerie must leave their family home.

Though Theo makes a valiant effort to object, Justin makes it apparent that this is not negotiable. Are these the last of Valerie’s days at the Bay?


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