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Home and Away’s Tane Parata to be arrested in baby plot


Tane Parata of Home and Away will be charged with a major crime next week for turning himself in about the kidnapping of infant Maia.

After making the disastrous decision to leave Summer Bay with the little girl he just discovered on the beach, Tane is forced to face the music.

In upcoming episodes of Channel 5, Dana Matheson will surreptitiously enter Maia’s hospital room to bid her farewell before she leaves to live with emergency foster caregivers.

Tane takes advantage of the opportunity to quickly leave the hospital with Maia and head out of town when Dana leaves him alone with Maia. She later regrets having trusted him.


After Maia is away for a few days, the missing baby case becomes national attention in the scenes that follow next week.

Tane’s closest friends are appalled by his situation, and the police issue a public plea for any information regarding his whereabouts.

Tane is shocked to see his face on the news while hiding out with the infant at his cousin’s house.

Tane devises a fresh strategy and calls his roommate and buddy Mali Hudson to request that his passport be sent to the residence.


By taking Harper Matheson to see Tane with him, Mali seizes the initiative.

Tane is informed by the proprietor of the surf store that leaving the nation with Maia would be a foolish choice, therefore he didn’t bother carrying the passport.

Mali begs Tane to return home because he has no real strategy and can’t possibly hold Maia for very long without being discovered. In addition, he informs us that Maia’s mother has come forward and identified her as her little girl Poppy.

Tane returns Poppy to the police station after he promises to act morally. Poppy’s mother and she had a tearful reunion.


Tane is arrested for snatching a child before he can fully enjoy the happy moment.

Promised to provide Tane the greatest legal representation available, Harper pays him a visit in his police cell.

Tane is doubtful and maintains that he will receive harsh punishment for taking a baby, so any assistance is pointless. Will he begin to alienate his friends?

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