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Home and Away to finally expose Theo’s drugs secret


The drug secret of Theo Poulos will eventually be revealed in Home and Away.

Theo just started dating Valerie Beaumont in secret after she offered him medications to “help with stress”; this relationship has taken him down a dark path. In the ongoing drug plot, Theo began to have second thoughts earlier this month.

Channel 5 will play sequences on Wednesday, May 22, Thursday, May 23, and Friday, May 24. During these shows, Valerie will be seen on the phone attempting to obtain additional drugs, pledging to pay for them later.

After hanging up, she informs Theo that she was unable to acquire any since they require payment in advance.


Theo questions Justin about Lyrik’s remuneration for performing at Justin and Leah’s wedding celebration when he runs into Valerie and Theo at the coffee cart. Even though they are related, he smiles with Valerie when Justin says he will be paid.

Later, after Justin agrees, Theo bluffs to make sure he receives the money in cash before giving Valerie a hug. Valerie pushes Theo to give over the money even though he is having second thoughts about lying to Justin when they go meet a dealer.

Theo tells Kirby he believes their band should play the wedding for free, even though he feels bad about what he did. Kirby accepts his deceit without hesitation, while Theo hides his sadness.

But when Kirby finds out that Justin provided Theo money to rent equipment, she starts to have her doubts.


When Theo later admits that he used the money for drugs, Kirby expresses her dismay at him stealing from her family and jeopardizing the band.

Valerie feels worried and goes to face Theo after he tells her about his talk with Kirby, despite Theo’s assurances that he will repay the money. Valerie is told straight out by Kirby that she is a heroin addict and needs assistance.

Valerie rushes off with Theo chasing after her after she threatens to take away the medicines. Later, Kirby confides in Justin since he has no other choice, and Justin is astonished to hear of Theo’s deceit.

Kirby tells him that Theo told her everything, and that’s true. She continues by stating that Theo is in love with Valerie, but she also has a major drug problem.


After that, Justin goes home to find Theo and finds himself going through his guitar case and backpack. Justin tells Kirby that they can’t inform Theo’s aunt Leah about this until after the wedding when they are unable to locate him.

Can Justin secure the assistance that Theo and Valerie require?

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