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Home and Away Spoilers – Romance for Remi as he gets a taste of Hollywood


The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Kirby tells Justin everything about Theo’s dangerous new habit, and Stevie finds a diversion as she focuses on Remi.

As it became clear that Stevie’s stalker had found out where hotel she was staying at in the city, Cash took her back to his and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) modest Saxon Avenue home last week.

It was originally intended for Stevie to move on to another hotel, but after one sufficiently secure was located, she asked to stay at the Newman residence instead, stating that she felt comfortable and would enjoy the company.

Next week, while drinking her morning coffee in the front garden, Stevie notices her neighbor Remi (Adam Rowland) riding his motorcycle home. This gives her another reason to love the property.


When Remi visited the house last week in search of Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), Stevie had a brief encounter with him. While Stevie introduced herself and took an instant liking to him, Remi was too annoyed with Eden to pay much attention to the international star, save for a passing comment about how much he liked the soundtrack to her recent film Death Throes.

As Remi was leaving, Stevie said to Cash that she could think of anything to divert her attention from her stalker. Cash shot back, saying, “Don’t even think about it.”

Once again in the front garden, Stevie is engrossed in soaking in the scenery when Cash interrupts her and chastises her for being in the open and visible to everyone. It’s safer in the backyard, so she should keep with that.

Soon after, Stevie learns that she has been selected for an audition for a romantic comedy, which is something she has been wanting to accomplish in order to expand her career and prove to people that she is capable of doing more than only scary movies.


She explains that the audition is at a casting agency in the city, but Cash quickly dismisses the idea of going since it’s too dangerous. Fortunately, Stevie finds out later that a self-taped audition will be accepted.

However, Stevie will require a scene partner for it. Cash immediately eliminates himself from the picture, and although Flick is willing to assist, Stevie reminds her that this is a love story and she needs a partner.

It’s fortunate that Remi, who uses Cash and Flick’s pool for his physiotherapy, happens to be present because he is already familiar with the script from seeing Stevie reenact the scene multiple times.

Remi picks up on Stevie’s not-so-subtle hint that having a scene partner would make things so much easier and says she can ask him if she wants to.


Before opening a beer, the two go over to Remi’s and run over the situation a few times, seeing a spark between them.

Remi brings up the fact that they will be kissing at the end of the scenario during one more practice, and he appears more than willing to comply.

The two decide to go to Remi’s bedroom to improvise the following scene and raise the age rating.

As Cash gets home and realizes Stevie is missing, he panics across the street. Eden and Flick are clueless as to where she has disappeared, nor is Remi, who must have departed by the side gate. Eden tries unsuccessfully to reach Remi’s phone, and Cash is enraged.

When Stevie returns to No. 55, she is lying in bed with Remi and is not thinking about Cash’s worries at all.

Stevie decides to take a selfie of the two of them while they are joking about with their pillow talk and posts it on social media.


Cash’s phone pings and a notice appears for Stevie’s social media as he keeps feverishly leaving messages for him. Cash’s face drops instantly. “You’re not serious.”

Angry, Cash shows Flick and Eden his phone, and sure enough, there’s Stevie lying in Remi’s bed for all the world to see.

When a knock on the door interrupts Stevie and Remi as they prepare to go into round two.

“What are you doing?” inquires a displeased Cash to Stevie.

“Do I really have to explain everything?” She responds.

Cash tells Stevie to go home, which she grudgingly does, leaving Eden to remark to Remi.

Cash chastises Stevie for disobeying the same guidelines he had set in place to ensure her safety, but she shows no remorse. “It was worthwhile,” she says nonchalantly.

When Stevie queries Flick about how she tolerates Cash, Flick reassures her that his only concern is for her security.

Flick advises her, “Fire him if you don’t want him to do his job.”

Will Stevie swallow her pride and take Cash’s advice as she considers her options?

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