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Home and Away’s Rose Delaney to grow suspicious over Tex Wheeler


The truth is growing closer to Rose.

In scenes from Home and Away that will broadcast on Channel 5 the following week, Rose keeps trying to get closer to Tex, but she has no idea what kind of person she is truly dealing with.

Even without her understanding why Tex is in town, the burgeoning romance has not gotten off to the best of starts, so she becomes worried when he disappears and she is unable to contact him.

When they are back together, she notices that he keeps receiving phone calls, which raises her concerns. Despite his attempts to deny what is happening, Rose soon starts probing into him a little further.


A kiss between the two is witnessed by Tane and Felicity, who are appalled at the predicament Rose has unknowingly placed herself in. This is made even worse when she discovers that he is not at work despite having stated that he would be.

Tane is questioned about the situation by Rose after she notices the pair’s anxiety. Tane does not give her the whole criminal information, but he does caution her that Tex is not who she has been made to believe he is. Tane is in problems of his own because of Tex and his biker gang.

From this point on, Rose’s inquiry picks up speed, and she is shocked to learn that he has absolutely no online presence.

As alarming as that is, she is even more perplexed when she learns that he not only abandoned his job, but that he had already moved to Summer Bay when Marilyn offered him the job.


Marilyn acknowledges that she didn’t receive any official documents from him when she hired him, further muddying the waters.

Now that Rose is aware there is a serious problem with her new partner, the question is how she will respond when she realises how dangerous he really is.

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