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Home and Away’s Theo Poulos in secret passion with show newcomer


But was it an isolated incident?

In the most recent Australian episode of Home and Away, Theo Poulos’ covert romance plotline has begun.

Chloe Anderson, Theo’s girlfriend, just relocated to another city for her own protection due to the gang threat the Parata family was experiencing.

Theo, who is now again unmarried, has been more intimate with Kirby Aramoana, another Lyrik member, in recent episodes.


Sadly, the likelihood of a romance was destroyed when the other members of Lyrik learned and promptly forbade bandmates hooking together. This was partially due to issues arising from Kirby’s prior friendship with the late lead singer Bob.

In the Channel 7 programme airing on Monday, Justin Morgan gave Lyrik and his family a brand-new van, which made their situation much better.

This would make it simple for the group to get to paid gigs and, eventually, resolve their fragile financial status.

Theo exchanged a private kiss with Kirby while they were apart while partying with the others.


Theo later took Kirby home and spent the night with her after learning that Justin and Leah Patterson were out.

Theo had a difficult mission the following day: getting Kirby out of the house without Justin and Leah noticing.

Theo and Kirby nearly got caught off guard when Remi Carter, the guitarist for Lyrik, showed up unannounced.

The morning’s blunders had been too close for comfort, Kirby later cautioned Theo.


Kirby clarified: “Although last night was enjoyable, it cannot happen again. We made a promise to stay out of it to the other people. Sorry, we can’t take the chance.”

Could the beginning of Theo and Kirby’s relationship be the end of it?

In September, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.

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