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Home and Away reveals a new pregnancy storey as Ari’s Love Triangle takes a twist


For the UK and Australians, Home and Away spoilers follow.

Bosses from Home and Away have revealed that Mackenzie Booth was pregnant.

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) tells her friend and cousin, Ziggy Astoni, that she’s waiting for the baby in Australia next week.

Ari’s old girlfriend Mia Anderson arrives on Summer Bay, and the Baby Bomb comes at a tough moment for Mackenzie whose life has been upside down.


Episodes of Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) in Australia in recent weeks have seen Mackenzie’s return to her world in a cold era.

Ari had a grave relationship with Mia (Anna Samson) years before, and he also was Mia’s daughter Chloe’s stepfather. Their time together just stopped when Ari was imprisoned for 10 years.

Though Ari was content with Mackenzie, his feelings for Mia were unanswered and he wondered if things could have worked differently if he had not been sent to prison.

Ari will be able to see future episodes affect Mia’s emotions, meaning he might be prepared to move on from Mackenzie.


So when a Mackenzie who has been rejected finds she is pregnant, is she saying this and will it influence the newest Love Triangle in Summer Bay?

The storyline will turn out in Australia next week and Channel 5 in Britain in early April.

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