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Home and Away’s Cash Newman makes a huge decision over Jasmine Delaney


We believe it is a decision that won’t turn out nicely.

In forthcoming episodes of Home and Away, Cash makes a significant decision, but it appears that he will only experience devastating disappointment.

Cash recently ran into his ex-girlfriend Eden, who is still attempting to get in touch with him by persuading him to witness her band’s most recent performance at Salt. Cash is still missing Jasmine and is thrilled about her homecoming.

While the recent upheaval that Lyric has had to deal with, he finds it surprising that she is still around, and he makes an effort to avoid going despite thinking that it would be a horrible idea.


Even if Cash does not react as she had planned, Eden can’t help but indulge in a little light flirting.

However, it quickly becomes apparent that Cash is diverted for a reason, and he informs Xander of his plans—a proposal!

He anticipates Jasmine’s return and has prepared a huge romantic gesture to greet her with. He is hoping for a positive response to his proposal of marriage.

Now that Xander has agreed to serve as his best man, Cash only needs to propose, and he goes all out with a suit and champagne to do so.


Cash has to wait a long time for Jasmine to return, and as he grows anxious about the outcome, viewers will realise that Cash’s happily-ever-after with Jasmine is not in the cards.

Sam Frost, the actress who played Jasmine, abruptly departed the job, and the character won’t be coming back to Summer Bay.

And with Cash planning to pop the question and anticipating her return, it appears that he won’t have to wait long to learn that the love of his life is permanently lost.

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