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Home and Away’s Remi receives a warning after pushing himself too far


Remi Carter of Home and Away will get a warning for pushing himself too hard this week.

Due to his motorcycle accident and the breakup with Bree Cameron, Remi has been having difficulties lately. Scenes that will air in the UK over the next few days feature Eden Fowler, who is bored because Cash Newman is abroad on a new assignment.

She makes an effort to be a supportive friend to Remi as he heals, but she is ignored when she suggests he see Bree. Nevertheless, she goes with him to his initial physical therapy appointment.

Remi’s physical therapist informs him that he is improving steadily. Remi, on the other hand, becomes enraged and snaps, complaining that he is fed up with everyone telling him what to do and how quickly he should be recuperating.


He overdoes it during a weightlifting workout out of impatience, which leaves him in agony and experiencing chest spasms.

Eden drives him home but advises him to just get over it and visit the hospital for treatment, whether or not Bree is scheduled to work there that day. Refusing to give in, he tells her to leave him alone and demands that she not call Bree for assistance.

Eden becomes frustrated and calls her brother Levi. Levi begs Remi to stop with the exercise and asks if he’s exercising to help himself feel better or as retaliation for being dumped.

Remi, predictably, becomes even more irritated and chastises Eden for telling Levi about his breakup with Bree. She tells Remi that she stands by her choice and that Levi needs to be well-informed in order to provide wise counsel.


Levi is adamant that Remi visit the hospital right away so that a medical specialist can evaluate his injuries. To keep Remi on his side, he promises to move him to a different hospital that is farther away, ensuring that he won’t run into Bree.

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