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Home and Away fans devastated by rumoured news on Jacqui Purvis’ character: ‘Really sad’


After making her television debut in 2021 as Felicity Newman, Jacqui Purvis of Home and Away has been a devoted fan favourite. She appears to have left the soap opera, which is unfortunate, and her plot should wrap up in the upcoming months.

Cast members often receive contracts that are offered for three years at first, while some decide to extend them after the first term ends. One fan inquired about if Jacqui had lately been spotted filming in Palm Beach in a Home and Away fan group.

“Is it known by anyone if Jacqui Purvis is currently filming? They questioned, “Her three-year contract would be up soon.”

“She’s not in.”
She was sighted filming in March, according to some admirers, but she hasn’t been seen on set recently. After supporters related additional information they had been given by security personnel on the scene, there is even more incriminating evidence.


“We were chatting to the security guards at Palm Beach [on Monday], and it turns out that Flick has stopped filming and is currently overseas,” a claimant stated.

Another person said, “My friend was there as well and confirmed this.”

“I have knowledge of someone who visited Palm Beach today and was informed that she is currently abroad and uncertain about her return, suggesting that she is departing from the show and has stopped filming,” a third person commented.

“Her contract had expired, and it is unclear whether she received a new offer.” A fan surmised, “She probably didn’t want to sign another one since she’s been doing other films.”


Matt Evans, who plays Theo Poulos, and Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash Newman, both joined the programme at the same time as Jacqui. It’s unclear at this point if the two actors have extended their contracts.

The rumoured departure of Jacqui Purvis shocked fans.
Before long, supporters besieged Facebook fan groups to express their grief over Jacqui’s departure.

One commenter said, “They would be crazy to let her go—she’s a fantastic actress.”

This is quite depressing. She is an amazing actress. However, I’m sure we’ll see her in a lot more films. Still sad, though,” remarked someone else.


That’s unfortunate, I see. I adore Flick. A third person said, “Hopefully she leaves on good terms so she can return later.”

Unfortunately, despite her talent, not everyone is drawn to her. I hope she’s able to move on to more exciting things, but you never know—depending on what they agree on, they might bring her back at some point. Another person wrote, “Really, her tale is over; there isn’t really anything further she can accomplish.

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