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Home and Away alum Kate Ritchie reveals the adorable way her daughter inspired her latest children’s book


The iconic part she played in Home and Away and her successful radio programme Kate, Tim, and Marty made Kate Ritchie famous.
Though some of the actress’s followers might not be aware, she is also a well-known writer. The single mother revealed on Monday that, with a little assistance from her daughter Mae, she has created a brand-new children’s book.
Everyday Play, Kate’s newest book, is “years in the making,” according to the 44-year-old author.

“I cannot express to you how thrilled and relieved I am to finally show you my brand new children’s book Everyday Play,” the author exclaimed. Kate wrote.
“All the effort was delightfully balanced with days spent pottering in the yard or exploring the neighbourhood, nights spent creating crazy (and mess) at the kitchen table, and hours and hours spent swanning around in my apron.”
My favourite, however, has to be the opportunity to spend countless hours listening to and watching my eight-year-old daughter while pretending to be “at work.”
Mae, according to Kate, not only served as inspiration for “every single page” of the book but also contributed suggestions.

I’m excited for you and your family to enjoy all of the pages we made together.
On November 1, Kate will release a children’s book that she describes as the “ultimate compilation of recipes, activities, and ideas for families.”
The book’s description states that it “shows how easy it is to make every day feel a bit remarkable by enjoying the wonder of nature, the power of creativity, and the pure joy of playing together.”
It’s Not Scribble To Me and I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You are two children’s books that the actress has previously written.

A month after she was allegedly found driving under the influence in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Kate made an exciting news.
The 44-year-old apparently had a 0.06 blood alcohol level. After that, she was immediately given a $600 fine and a three-month licence suspension for low range intoxication.
After thereafter, Kate addressed the issue on Instagram, apologising “really” for her conduct.
“I made a bad choice, and I am aware of how severe my acts are, there is no mistake about that. I sincerely apologise.


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